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The easier you make it for clients the happier they will be to return year after year. TaxDome allows you to manage your clients’ personal information, to see everything you need to know about the client on a single organized page, reducing your administrative time.

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Accessing Client Information

A client's profile is available to the firm owner as well as to the team members that were assigned to work on the case.

To access the client's profile, search for a client from the Sidebar. A sidebar search will work anywhere in the system.

You may also access the client's account by navigating to Clients and then clicking on their name in the list. 

The Overview tab is the first tab of the client's profile. It is a single organized page where you can see everything you need to know about the client at a quick glance. 

Here's what you can find here: 

  • Documents – View the client’s latest uploaded documents.
  • Tasks – Find out what tasks are planned and/or in progress.
  • Email - View the five latest emails received from a client. 
  • Pipelines - View the pipelines the client is in  
  • Requests - Explore the client’s latest info requests and their status.
  • Login Activity – Find out information about the client's last login.
  • Unpaid Bills – Explore the client’s unpaid bills and whether they can be settled with existing credit.
  • Approvals – View the latest documents for which the client’s approval and signature are needed.
  • Organizers – View the client’s tax organizers and their status.

Editing Personal Details

Personal details are usually entered during registration. However, you can update or add to them at any time. The clients may edit their own details as well. 

  1. Navigate to the Info tab of the client's profile. 
  2. Click the Edit personal details icon, then type in the missing details, such as the client’s street address or phone number. Once you have entered a valid zip code, the city and state are automatically populated by the system. You can update their existing info as well. 
  3. Click on Upload Photo to add a client’s picture. Locate an image that you would like to upload, then crop your photo to make it look better. 
  4. Click on SAVE CHANGES.

Resetting a Password

The password is usually created by the client during registration. However, if the client has requested a change to their password, this can be done by the firm's owner or by a team member. The clients may edit their details on their own as well. 

Navigate to the Info tab of the client's profile, click on the Profile Access icon, then click on the Reset Password link. 

Adding a Family Member

If the client is married or has children or other dependents, these should be mentioned in their profile.

To add a family member:

  1. Navigate to the Info tab of the client's profile. 
  2. Click on the ADD FAMILY MEMBER button, then select a relationship to the client from the list (Spouse, Dependent, or Other). 
  3. Add family member's name and date of birth.
  4. If there is something important to note about the family member, you can add this information as a note.
  5. Click SAVE add the info about the family member.

The clients may edit their personal details on their own as well. 

Read-Only View of Client Portal

At any time, you can always see what your client will see. This can help tremendously in the off-chance a client wants assistance or cannot handle any of your online requests. With full transparency, you can see what they see and log right back out to your own profile. This can be very helpful for your admins if you have any, as well.

To access a client’s profile:

1. Go to Clients, then click on the client’s name in the list. You can also find a client by going to your left sidebar  and entering their name in the search field.

2. Navigate to the Info tab, then click on the link next to Log in as Client. The client profile will be visible in read-only mode only. If you need to change client details, you will need to do so from your own account instead.

3. Click on the Sign out from [Client’s Name] account link at the top of the screen to get back to your firm’s view of a client’s profile. 

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