CRM (Basic): Portal access, notifications, email sync

Whether you’re preparing tax returns for an individual, a family or a business, each entity needs its own account. However, different people (think: family members or business partners) may have different settings inside the account. Find out more about setting up login access to your clients, notifications and email.

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How to Add Multiple Email Addresses

Because a contact is a person, it's natural that one contact might have several email addresses (personal, work, etc.). By default, each contact has one email address field, but you can manually create extra CRM fields or add ones while you’re creating new contacts manually or importing them.

A firm owner, admin or any employee with access rights to manage accounts can add additional users (email addresses) to an account.

In the account profile, open the Info tab, then review the Contacts section. Here, you’ll see all the email addresses of contacts linked to the account. If you want to add email addresses that aren’t listed, either add another linked contact or add another email address to the contact that is already linked.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create custom CRM email fields to store the additional email addresses.
  2. Update the existing contact to include an additional email address.
  3. Turn on the LOGIN, NOTIFY and/or EMAIL SYNC toggles for the email address if you need to (see more on the toggles below).

Note! If you change the email address before the invited person clicks the invitation link, it'll be deactivated for security reasons. A new invitation email will be sent to the updated email address. 

The LOGIN toggle, explained

When you indicate an email address inside a contact, you can toggle on LOGIN to give portal access to the person to whom this email address belongs.

What this does:

  • The user gets an invitation to the TaxDome client portal so that they can access their account.
  • All contacts linked to an account with LOGIN toggled on next to their email address can sign in.

Once you’ve added portal access to a contact’s email address, you are prompted to send an email invitation to that user. When you click Send, TaxDome sends the person an activation request by email. To activate the account, the person accepts the request and creates a password. The new user is then automatically linked to the account. Each user has their own login credentials for an account.

The EMAIL SYNC toggle, explained

When you add a user to an account, you can also toggle on EMAIL SYNC for their email address.

What this does:

  • You’ll see all emails received from that address in the Inbox+ section and in the Email tab of the account profile and be able to reply from TaxDome.
  • All history between your synced emails and the contact's emails will automatically populate on TaxDome.
  • If Automatically Save Attachments is enabled, all future emails with attachments will automatically save the documents to the Client’s Docs section of the account.

Tip! Toggle on EMAIL SYNC for future clients who don’t yet have portal access (their LOGIN still hasn’t been toggled on), so you can receive emails from them, too.

The NOTIFY toggle, explained

When NOTIFY is toggled on for an email address in the Contacts section, the person the email belongs to receives system notifications (either all or selected ones). You can toggle on NOTIFY when adding portal access or a new email address to an account—or whenever you like.


Tip! You can receive copies of all TaxDome emails sent to clients. Here's how you can set up receiving system notifications TaxDome sends to clients.

Decide which notifications the user should get by clicking the three dots to the far right of the email address, then selecting Notification Preferences.

What the toggles mean:

Documents: File upload

  • Notifications about new firm-uploaded documents

Documents: Signature requests

  • Requests for documents pending signature
  • Reminders about documents pending signature

Documents: Approvals

  • Requests for documents pending approval
  • Reminders about documents pending approval

Chats and client tasks


  • Request for new proposals
  • Reminders about pending proposals


  • Requests for new organizers
  • Reminders about pending organizers

Invoices and payments

  • Requests for new invoices
  • Reminder about pending invoices
  • Confirmations for invoice payments
  • Notifications about refunds issued

Notifications and email for clients pending activation

If you’ve toggled on LOGIN, NOTIFY, and EMAIL SYNC for a contact linked to an account, but they haven’t yet activated their account, they’ll still receive TaxDome email and system notifications:

  • All regular email you send from TaxDome will go out to the recipient regardless of whether their account is activated or not. You also can receive Inbox+ notifications about new emails from that contact linked to the account (set this up in your Notification settings).
  • All system notifications will go to the contact’s email address and will include the Account activation banner at the top of the email until they have activated the account.

You can always resend an invitation.

Removing user access from an account

If someone no longer wants to have access to an account, go ahead and remove them. Under the Info tab of the account profile, toggle off LOGIN to the right of the user’s email address. The account will remain intact; however, the user will no longer be able to access it.

Changing an email address

When a client’s email address changes, add their new email address as if they were an additional user.


Attention! Make sure not to immediately remove the obsolete email address.

Instead, follow these steps:

1. Update the client contact to include the new email address instead of the old one.

2. Toggle on the LOGIN toggle and wait for the user to accept the invitation sent to the new email address, so that they don’t lose access to their account. 

3. Once the client has accepted the invite, delete their previous email address from the Unlinked Emails section by toggling the LOGIN off.

Switching to a different account on the client portal

When logging in, users who have access to more than one account will see the pop-up for selecting the desired account and the notification with the account they logged in with on the top of the screen. The notification on the top can be closed until the next login by clicking X to the far right of it.

They can access the pop-up anytime later by clicking on the Switch account link at the bottom of the blue sidebar or to the right from the notification on the top.

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