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This page is for TaxDome Pro users only. If you use TaxDome Lite, please switch to this article.

To keep you up-to-date on important events, TaxDome sends automatic notifications to your login email and Inbox+. If you don’t want to receive certain notifications, you can turn them off. You also have the option to choose whether you want to receive copies of all system notifications sent to your clients.

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Notifications, Explained

By default, you get notifications regarding all client accounts which you are following.

The notifications are sent when the following events occur:


  • An invoice is overdue.
  • A client pays an invoice.


  • A client makes a prepayment.


  • An organizer is submitted either by the client or by another team member.
  • A client creates an organizer.


  • Uploads
    • A client uploads a document.
    • A client opens a document (if requested during the file upload).
  • E-signatures
    • A client e-signs a document.
    • A client declines to sign a document.
  • Approvals
    • A client approves a document.
    • A client disapproves a document.
  • "Done uploading"


  • A task is assigned to you.
  • A task is due in three days.


  • A client sends a new message.
  • A client or an team member with access to the account replies in a chat thread.
  • A client completes all tasks.

New mail

  • A client sends new email.
  • A client or a team member with access to the account replies in the email thread.


  • A client e-signs a contract.
  • A contract is signed automatically because all unsigned contacts were removed.


  • A job is automatically created according to the schedule.


  • You were mentioned by another team member either in a chat, task, or account note.

Note! If a client who is assigned to two team members sends an email to one of them, the recipient will not receive an email notification about it.

Turn On/Off Notifications

You can turn off notifications either on the account level (see the article) or for all system events.

To turn off notifications, navigate to Settings:

  • To stop receiving notifications by email, clear the checkboxes in the EMAIL column in the Notification Preferences section.
  • To stop receiving notifications to Inbox+, clear the checkboxes in the INBOX+ column in the Notification Preferences section.
  • To stop receiving specific notification types, clear the checkboxes in the Invoices, Payments, Organizers, Documents, Tasks, Chats, Contracts, Jobs, Mentions, or New mail rows in the Notification Preferences section.

Attention! Email notifications always go to your login email, not to the one that is synced with TaxDome.

Turn On/Off Copies of Notifications That TaxDome Sends to Clients

The notification settings below can be changed by a firm owner or admin.

Would you like to know when a system notification email has gone out to a client? If you do, go to the Firm Settings subsection of Settings section, turn on the toggle for Do you want to receive a copy of system alerts that TaxDome sends to clients? in your Contact Details section, then enter the email address where you’d like to receive a copy.

When a client replies to a system alert, you’ll receive an email at the address specified under the Default reply-to email for system emails. If you need to change the address, you can.

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