Your All-in-One Notification Center: Inbox+

By Mary Cooper

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Inbox+ is a home for all your notifications. It was designed to be the place where you both start and finish your work. In contains notifications of new emails, document actions, bill actions, and more. View and download documents, read emails, save attachments - all in a single page. 

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Receiving Notifications

You will receive a notification on TaxDome each time a client-related  event occurs, and Inbox+ will keep track of what status that particular notification is in—whether you have gotten around to reviewing it or not. 

  • Team members receive notifications generated by clients assigned to them.
  • Firm owners receive notifications generated by clients that are not assigned to any of their team members. 

You will receive notifications when:

  • A client sends a new email
  • A client uploads a document
  • A client approves a document
  • A client disapproves a document
  • A client opts out of electronic signature
  • A client pays a bill
  • A bill is overdue

We are also working on adding more notifications, such as for tasks. Look out for that soon! 

When you have received a new notification, the circle displayed to the right of Inbox+in the blue sidebar will be red. Red indicates that these notifications are new and have not yet been seen or reviewed by you, and the number shows how many are in that status. 

Once you open Inbox+, the red circle changes to green. This indicates that you still have notifications in your Inbox that need tending to. 

The circle disappears when all your notifications have been checked off as Done (see below).

Attending to Notifications

Notifications are displayed in chronological order, so that the most recent will be at the top. 

How to manage notifications:

  • Open a notification to get more info about it: Click on it to expand it; click again to minimize it.

  • Browse to a client profile: You can click on the client’s name to navigate to their profile.

  • Navigate to the corresponding section: Click the blue arrow icon in the right side of the notification bar. This will open the full email, billings page, or document preview in a new tab.

Coming soon --- reply to email immediately from Inbox+

  • View and/or download a document: Click on the file’s name to open it in a new tab.

  • Save an attachment to Client Uploaded Documents. Hover the mouse over the file thumbnail, click the save icon, then proceed with uploading as described here.  You can also auto-save attachments emailed you by clients.  

  • Mark a notification as Done: Click the green check mark icon to move it to the Done tab. 

  • Restore a notification: If you marked a notification as Done by mistake, you can always restore it from archive (see below). Navigate to the Done tab, then click the arrow icon on the right side of the notification bar. It will then move to the Inbox tab. 

  • Perform bulk actions with notifications. To mark notifications as done or to restore them all at once, click the the check box at the top of the list.  next to the required documents, then click Done or Restore button. 

Filtering Notifications

Filters are useful when you need to narrow your notifications list. For example, you can display notifications on bills only.

To filter your notifications list:

  1. Click on the FILTER button
  2. Use filtering by bills, emails, or documents. You can use all of the filters or just some of them.
  3. Click on APPLY to apply the filter.

The list of notifications will be narrowed to your specified parameters.

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