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The Inbox+ page is identical to the desktop’s version. From here, track everything in your Inbox+ on TaxDome. This way, way you’ll never miss an important update from a client or team member. You receive notifications whenever any event occurs, and they’ll show you whether they’ve been reviewed by you or not.

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Taking Care of Notifications

Notifications are displayed in chronological order, so that the most recent is on the top. Read more about notifications types here.

From here you can do the following:

1. Tap a notification to get more info and perform actions.

2. Browse to a client profile. Tap on the account name to navigate to the profile.

3. Navigate to the corresponding section. For example, tapping Go to... inside a notification for a new message in a thread will take you to the chat.

4. Archive a notification. Tap Archive to hide the notification from the list. If you need to see archived notifications, tap the filter icon at the bottom right, select Archived, then Show.

View and/or download a document. Tap the file’s name to view it.

Filtering Notifications

To narrow your notifications list, use filters. For example, find all notifications about invoices paid by a selected client:

1. Tap the filter icon at the bottom right.

2. & 3. Use filtering by account name and/or notification type (invoices, emails, tasks, documents, organizers, messages, signatures, contracts, new accounts, jobs, and system warnings). Apply one or several.

4. Tap the Apply button, then Show to apply the filters. The list of notifications will then be narrowed to your specifications.

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