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Track all TaxDome events from your mobile and never miss an important update from a client or team members. 

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Your Inbox notifications

You receive notifications on your mobile whenever any event occurs. They’ll show you whether they’ve been reviewed by you or not. 

Notifications on the Inbox screen are always displayed in chronological order so that the most recent is on the top. Here's what you can do from here:

  • To get more info tap the notification
  • If you don't want the notification to be displayed in the list, archive it. You will be able to find it only from the web app then.

Extra actions with notifications

Some notifications allow you to perform extra actions. If the notification is about uploaded documents, you can interact with them. Tap on the uploaded file to open the menu where you can edit, move, print, download or delete the file:

If the notification is about a new reply or an updated client task in messages, you can open the corresponding message thread:

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