Your All-in-One Notification Center: Inbox+

Inbox+ is not just for browsing email. It's the place where you’ll start and finish your projects, receive important notifications that will keep your work on track, create tasks, view and download documents, view client's messages, save attachments, and more—all on a single page. 

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Inbox+ Notifications, Explained

You’ll receive notifications on TaxDome whenever client-related events occur, and Inbox+ will let you know what status the notifications are in—that is, whether you have gotten around to reviewing them or not. 

  • Team members receive notifications generated by client accounts assigned to them.
  • Firm owners receive notifications generated by client accounts that are not assigned to any team members. 
  • You can change your notification preferences when needed.

By default, you’ll receive notifications when these events occur:

  • A client registers on their own via the SIGN UP link.
  • A client sends a new email.
  • Another firm member assigned to a client sends a new email by replying to the existing thread.
  • A client uploads a document (either via Client Portal, TaxDome App, using the link with a document-upload request, or inside the organizer).
  • A client opens a document (if requested during file upload).
  • A client approves a document.
  • A client disapproves a document.
  • A client signs a document.
  • A client declines to sign a document.
  • A client or another team member submits an organizer.
  • A client signs a contract.
  • A client or another team member sends a new message.
  • A client or another team member replies to a message.
  • Another team member creates or updates the task list inside the message.
  • A client or another team member makes changes to the task list inside the message.
  • A client makes a prepayment.
  • A client pays an invoice.
  • An invoice is overdue.
  • A task is assigned to you.
  • A task is due in three days. 
  • A job was created automatically.
  • Automatic jobs creation fails.
  • Some of job automations fail while automoving a job to the next stage.
  • Bulk sending contracts fails.
  • Bulk sending messages fails.
  • Sending email fails.

When you have received new notifications, the circle displayed to the right of Inbox+ in the left sidebar will be red. Red indicates that you have new notifications that you have not yet reviewed. 

Once you open  Inbox+, the red circle changes to green. This indicates that you still have notifications in your Inbox+ that need to be attended to. 

The circle disappears when all your notifications have been checked off as Archived (see below).

Attending to Notifications

Notifications are displayed in chronological order so that the most recent is on the top. 

How to manage notifications:

  • Open a notification to get more info about it: Click on it the notification bar to expand it; click again to minimize it.

  • Browse to a client profile: You can click on the client account name to navigate to the profile.

  • Navigate to the corresponding section: Click Go to... (the gray arrow icon) in the bottom left of the expanded notification bar. This will take you to the full email, invoices page, task, message, or document preview in a new tab. If email address is linked to several accounts, you will be able to choose where you want to go.

  • View and/or download a document: Click on the file’s name to open it in a new tab.

  • View an invoice or payment: Click on the invoice or payment link to see info about it in a new tab.

  • View a completed organizer/signed contract: Click on the organizer’s/contract’s name to open it in a new tab.

  • Archive a notification: Click Archive (the green checkmark) to move it to the Archived tab.

  • Restore a notification: If you clicked Archive by mistake, you can always restore the notification. Navigate to the Archived tab, select the notification you want to restore, then click Restore (the green arrow icon) on the bottom left of the expanded notification bar. It will then move back to the Inbox+ tab.

  • Perform bulk actions with notifications: To mark notifications as done or to restore all of them or several at once, select the checkbox at the top of the list or the checkboxes next to the required documents, then click Archive or Restore.

Email Notifications

You or team members who have access to the account will receive a notification to Inbox+ whenever the client sends a new email to your firm or replies to an existing thread. When they reply to a thread, the corresponding notification is updated. When there’s a new email in a thread, the notification is updated and moved to the top. If it’s archived, it moves away from the To Do items.

Here’s what you can do with email notifications:

  • Mute email threads. This will turn off the notifications on all futher emails in a current thread. Read more on how mute works in the article.  
  • Create tasks from email.. Read more on this here.
  • Save an attachment to Client’s Docs: Hover the mouse over the file thumbnail, click the save icon, then upload. You can also autosave attachments emailed to you by clients.

  • Сoming soon: Reply to email immediately from Inbox+!

Message Notifications

You and your team members who have access to the account receive a notification to Inbox+ on any events related to messages. The notification title includes:

  • the event type (someone created a new thread, replied to it, or updated the task list)
  • the message title along with the link to the thread,
  • the name of the person who has created the thread or made updates to it. 

If you expand the notification you can see the last message in a thread along with its author, and the list of client tasks (if any).

Here’s how the message notifications work:

  • One message thread always has only one corresponding notification which is updated when new events occur. 
  • You receive a notification whenever the client sends a new message to your firm or replies to an existing thread.
  • You receive a notification whenever another team member with access to the account sends a new message to the client or replies to an existing thread.
  • When anyone replies to a thread or makes changes to client tasks, the corresponding notification is updated and moved to the top for everyone except for the person who has made the changes. 
  • If the notification archived, it moves away from the To Do items.

System Notifications

System notifications are sent when the system can't accomplish some tasks that are supposed to be performed automatically. To view all system notifications in your Inbox+, apply the  System filter (for detailed instructions, see Filtering Notifications below). Read further to see how to troubleshoot the different types of system notifications you might come across in the following articles:

Filtering Notifications

Filters are useful when you need to narrow a notifications list. For example, you can find all the notifications about invoices paid by all clients or all the notifications about signatures from selected clients.

To filter a notifications list:

1. Click on the FILTER button.

2. Use filtering by account name and/or notification type (invoices, emails, tasks, documents, organizers, messages, signatures, contracts, new accounts, jobs, and system warnings). You can use one filter or several. 

3. Click the APPLY button to apply the filters. The list of notifications will then be narrowed to your specifications.

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