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Team members who follow an account receive notifications about all of its activity. You can follow or unfollow an account whether you’re assigned to it and have access or not.

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How a Firm Owner or Admin Can Add and Delete Followers

The firm Owner or Admin can make employees follow an account by giving them account access.

Once an employee has access to an account, they automatically become a follower of that account. If you remove their access, they cease being a follower.

There are several ways to give employees access to accounts:

  • by giving them default access
  • by manually assigning them to accounts
  • by assigning them accounts via pipeline automations.

For more details on how to give employees access to accounts, go here.

How Team Members Can Change Their Account Following Settings

There are two ways to change your account following settings:

1. One by one: to change your follow settings, go to the account’s profile, click the eye icon on the top right, then toggle Follow Account either on or off. Here, you see which team members are following the account.

2. By bulk selecting accounts: go to Clients from your left sidebar menu, open the Accounts tab, then select the clients. Click More Actions in the menu bar, then select either Follow accounts or Unfollow accounts from the pull-down menu. The selected action will be performed for all selected accounts.

How to Check If You’re Following an Account

You can check which accounts you are following in your accounts list; the FOLLOW column shows your status for each account.

These icons show your following status:

You are not following the account.
You are following the account.

On every account’s profile page, you’ll see the number of followers the account has.

How Following Works With Notification Preferences

The Followers feature allows you to receive notifications about activity in the accounts you follow. Notification Preferences in the Settings section allows you to select or deselect specific system events you wish to be notified about. To learn more about changing your notifications preferences, go here.

By default, you receive notifications in your Inbox+ and email about all the accounts you follow. If you have opted not to receive certain notifications in the Settings section of your My Account page, you won’t receive them whether you follow the account or not.

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