System Errors: Troubleshooting

You may occasionally encounter a system error while using TaxDome. It usually happens when there’s been an oversight, and you’ll always get a pop-up error message or an Inbox+ notification about it. Below, we give you a list of system-error messages, tell you why they occur and provide instructions on how to troubleshoot the issues.

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“Resource not found error”

While editing a job or a task, you might get this message when you try to save your changes. Why is this happening? Because the job or task is being deleted by another team member at the same time. 

“Action forbidden!”

This error message means you don’t have the access rights to perform the action. 

The fix: Let the firm owner know, so that they can give you the access rights you need. For more details on access rights, go here.

“Email is already taken by a team member”

This error occurs when you try to add a team member, but the email address you typed for them is already listed for a contact.

The fix: Click the green global search icon on the left sidebar, then enter the e-mail address. Press enter on your keyboard. If you see at least one person in the Contacts tab with that same email address, open the contact and remove the email address. You should now be able to add the team member using that email address.

“Couldn’t send email”

This error message is displayed when there is a password-change or email-sync issue.

The fix: Click on the Set Up Email Sync link to resync your email.

“Invalid customer”

You’ll get this error message when you try to create an invoice or make a payment for an account that has been deleted. Make sure you have selected the correct account. 

“Unable to save data”

When trying to send a message to a client, you might come across this error message. Submit a bug report to TaxDome, and we’ll resolve it ASAP. 

Paying Issues

You may encounter different types of errors when trying to buy a license or pay on behalf of a client. They differ depending on the payment processing service (Stripe or CPACharge) and payment type (credit card or ACH). 

Your Client’s Payment Was Denied by CPACharge

If a payment from a client was denied by CPACharge, it may be because the user is new and has a credit limit and insufficient credit history. They must contact CPACharge to increase their credit limit.

Paying With a Credit Card via CPACharge 

  • “Card was declined.” Contact the card issuer for more information.
  • “Card was declined due to insufficient funds.” Use another payment method.
  • “Card was declined due to limits exceeded.” Use another payment method.
  • “Card is expired.” Use another payment method.
  • “Card was declined due to a processing error.” Attempt the payment again. If it still doesn’t go through, try later or contact CPACharge support.
  • “Card number is invalid. Reenter the card number correctly.” Attempt the payment again.
  • “Card type is not accepted. Customize your CPACharge payment form to include more types.” For more details, go here.
  • “Card code is incorrect.” Reenter the correct CVV code. 
  • “Unable to process the payment at this time. Please try again later.” Contact CPACharge support to help troubleshoot the issue.
  • “An unexpected error occurred.” Contact CPACharge support to troubleshoot the issue.
  • “Postal code is invalid. Enter the correct postal code.” Reenter the postal code. 
  • “Email is invalid.” Enter the correct email address. 

Paying With ACH via CPACharge 

  • “Transaction was declined. Contact your card issuer for more info.” The bank’s fraud rules may have blocked the transaction or the bank declined the payment based on your location.
  • “Transaction was declined as a duplicate.” You have already charged the same credit card for the same amount and invoice number within the last 10 minutes. 
  • “Account number is invalid.” Enter the correct account or routing number.
  • “Transaction was declined due to insufficient funds.” Use another payment method.
  • “Account was not found. Enter the correct account or routing number.” Reenter the routing number. 
  • “Account is closed.” Either you or RDF closed the account. Use another payment method.
  • “Account is frozen.” Use another payment method. Access to the account has been restricted by RDF or legal action. 
  • “Transaction was declined due to limits exceeded.” The credit card is maxed out, and you must use another payment method. 
  • “Routing number is invalid. The routing number entered is wrong. Make sure to enter all digits needed.” Reenter the routing number in full.
  • “Transaction could not be completed due to a communication problem.” Contact CPA Charge support to troubleshoot the issue.
  • “An unexpected error occurred.” Contact CPA Charge support to troubleshoot the issue.

Note! An eCheck can fail up to 60 days after it has been authorized. Transactions may not go through for various reasons such as “Account Frozen,” “Account Closed,” or “No Account/Unable to Locate Account.” Typically, an eCheck payment fails 3 to 4 days after authorization; however, you may get an “Unauthorized Debit Entry” error message weeks later. This is similar to how charge-back works but without a third-party review process. A client may submit an ACH return anytime before the 60 days expire.

Paying With a Credit Card via Stripe

  • “Your card was declined.” A card issuer declined payment, and you must use another payment method. 
  • “Your card has insufficient funds.” The credit card is maxed out, and you must use another payment method. 
  • “Your card has expired.” Use another payment method.
  • “Your card’s security code is incorrect.” Reenter the correct CVV code. 
  • “An error occurred while processing your card. Try again in a little bit.” Contact Stripe support to troubleshoot the issue. 
  • “Some error occurred.” Contact Stripe support to troubleshoot the issue. 

“Payments provider mismatch. Please refresh the page and repeat the action”

This error happens when a payment processor is being simultaneously charged. Refresh the page. 

“Payments provider has been disconnected”

You’ll see this error message when the payment processor disconnects. In your Integrations tab, go to the Payments section. (For more details on how to connect, go here.)

“The card we have on file could not be charged. Please provide alternate payment details.”

You may get this error message when trying to pay for a subscription with a card you’ve used before. If the card has expired or cannot be charged for some other reason, you’ll need to update your credit card info. (For more details, go here.)

Import Issues

  • <***> is not allowed. Please upload a CSV file.You’re trying to import data in the wrong format. Save the document as a CSV file. (For more details, go here.)
  • “The file must be UTF-8 encoded, with commas as delimiters. Please upload another file.” You’re trying to import data with the wrong encoding. You must change the encoding to UTF-8. (For more details, go here.)
  • Size allowed is up to 3 MB.” The file you’re trying to import is too big. Save the data as two or more separate files, then import them separately. 
  • “Some fields are not mapped with the corresponding fields in the CSV file. Do you wish to continue? Fields in your CSV file aren’t mapped to contact fields. As a result, this data won’t be used to create contacts.
  • “You did not choose a field for Account Name. Select а field in the Account Name drop-down menu to create an account. An account name is either a business name (for a nonpersonal account) or a first and last name (for a personal account); the account name represents an entity. 
  • “You cannot import clients. Please ask the firm owner to give you access to view all clients. You do not have the proper access rights to perform the action. Read more about how to give team members access rights here.

Integrations Issues

  • “Failed to connect with CPACharge: Firm currency differs from CPACharge account currency. Your default currency in CPACharge doesn’t match the one you selected on TaxDome.
  • “Failed to connect with Stripe: No authorization code provided.” Provide the correct authorization code you’ve received from Stripe or start over again.
  • “Failed to connect with QuickBooks: Couldn’t connect to QuickBooks.” You haven’t selected your company on QuickBooks or skipped the last step. Start over.
  • “You are about to disable TaxDome’s billing management and QuickBooks integration. Your clients will not see or be able to settle pending invoices within TaxDome. Are you sure you want to proceed?” Read more about disabling QuickBooks integration here.

“Some contracts were not created”

You may get this error message in your Inbox+ when you’ve sent contracts to several accounts at once; it happens when the Signs contract option for an account is simultaneously being turned off by another team member.

The fix: In the Some contracts were not created box, click on the client’s name, go to their Info tab, then click the three-dots icon next to the contact and select Enable Signing Contracts. (Read more about this here.) 

“Some messages were not sent”

You may get this error message in your Inbox+ when you send a message to one or more clients, but they don’t all go through. One or more of those accounts are offline because their linked contacts have the LOGIN toggles turned off for all email addresses. Another team member may have done this while you were sending the messages. 

The fix: In the Some messages were not sent box, click on the client’s name, go to their Info tab, then toggle on LOGIN for at least one email address linked to the account. (For more detailed instructions, go here.)

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