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Depending on their responsibilities, an employee is given different access rights on TaxDome. An owner or admin choose which access rights the employee should have when registering them, but those access rights can be changed or added at any time.

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Changing an employee’s access rights

An owner or admin can further expand an employee’s access rights to include more than the ones described below. To change an employee’s access rights:

1. Go to Settings, select Team & Plans in the menu bar, click on the three dots to the far right of the employee’s name, then click Edit.

2. Select the specific access rights for the employee by toggling them on.

3. Click Save.

Every access right, explained

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Here are the descriptions of the different permissions offered in the Access Rights menu:

  • Manage payments: The employee can add, edit or delete manual payments for all of the accounts to which they have access. They can also delete ACH payments. To allow them to create and view manual payments for all accounts, toggle on View all accounts.
  • View all accounts: The employee can view all of the firm’s accounts (instead of being limited to only assigned ones). They can also view and send secure messages and emails, and create and read notes for all accounts. To give them access rights to view all contacts as well, toggle on View all contacts.
  • Manage accounts: The employee can create new accounts and manage existing ones (edit personal details, add a user to a profile, export account list, etc.). They can also edit account notes created by the other team members.
  • Manage contacts: The employee can create new contacts, link contacts to their assigned accounts, import accounts and contacts, export contact lists, edit existing contacts, and merge duplicates.
  • Manage contracts: The employee can send contracts to clients.
  • Manage documents: The employee can upload, move, edit and delete documents and folders, as well as apply folder templates in their assigned accounts. Employees without this access right can only view documents and folders. To allow an employee to manage documents for all accounts, toggle on View all accounts.
  • Manage time entries: The employee can see and open the Time Entries subtab under the Invoices tab in their client accounts. And they are allowed to edit and delete time entries created by all employees for that account.
  • Manage templates: The employee can create, edit and delete templates for tasks, folders, messages, organizers, jobs, invoices, contracts and emails.
  • Manage pipelines: The employee can create, edit and delete pipelines. Note that viewing existing pipelines is only possible if they are listed on the Available to field of the pipeline settings. Read more on giving pipeline access.
  • Manage job recurrence: The employee can add accounts to the recurrence schedule and set up individual schedules for all of the accounts to which they have access. To allow them to manage job recurrence for all accounts, toggle on View all accounts.
  • Manage tags: The employee can create, delete and apply tags.
  • Manage invoices: The employee can go to the Invoices tab in a client account to create, view and assign invoices to other team members. To give an employee access to all of the firm’s invoices, toggle on View all accounts. Note: the employee can assign invoices only to team members who have access to that account.  
  • Manage custom fields: The employee can create, rename and delete custom contact and account fields.
  • Manage organizers: The employee can send organizers to clients.
  • Assign teammates: The employee can give other employees access to accounts.
  • Charge firm balance: The employee can add funds to the firm’s KBA balance.
  • Manage site: The employee can set up the firm’s landing page hosted on TaxDome and edit it.
  • Mute emails: The employee can mute the notifications for email threads. Here's more on muting threads.
  • Manage services: The employee can create, edit and delete firm services.
  • Edit organizer answers: The employee can change or add answers to the client's organizers. Here's more on completing organizers on a client's behalf.
  • Manage public filter templates: The employee can create and delete public filters. Here's more on sharing filter selections.
  • Manage IRS transcripts: The employee can access the IRS subtab under Docs tab of the client account and request or view transcripts from there.
  • View all contacts: The employee can view all of the firm’s contacts. To allow an employee to interact with all accounts, toggle on View all accounts.

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