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Work in progress! This feature is incomplete and currently available for Beta users. Docs on using the Reporting tool are being prepared.

Need to instantly gain insights into your team's productivity and firm performance? Learn the basics of the TaxDome Reporting feature. Explore the key aspects of Reporting, discover prebuilt reports, and understand AI search and report customization.

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Reporting, explained

Our Reporting feature offers customizable analytics to enhance data-driven decision-making. Reporting provides statistics based on the firm's Invoices, Time Entries, Jobs, Tasks and Pipelines. 

Here's what you can do with this powerful tool:

  • ask AI to create reports with specific data and save them as Answers. It will automatically generate reports as answers to your specific questions (e.g., average time entry rate or the average invoice amount from last year) and apply the right visualization (e.g. graphs, charts, pivot tables) to extracted data.
  • use prebuilt set of reports (Dashboards) on one page to explore specific dataset (Time utilization, Revenue monitor, and more).
  • create own reports with a powerful Report designer.
  • create your Dashboards based on saved reports.
  • drill down to every single report and browse underlying data.
  • export reports to a spreadsheet or a PDF.
  • and much more!

Before you start

Before you start using the Reporting feature it's important to keep in mind that it is available for the firm owner, admin, and team members with the View reporting access rights. So, if you want somebody from your team to take care of reports you should enable this access right for them first. 

Please consider that the View reporting access right provides access to all data used in reports, including invoicing and payments, no matter what other access rights team member may have. 

Prebuilt sets of reports

To get straight to the point, we've created prebuilt sets of reports for you which can be accessed either from the Dashboards or from the Overview page:

  • Revenue monitor: Here you can explore analytics based on your invoices and learn everything about the firm's revenue flow. This Dashboard helps you to answer questions like what customers and services drive revenue? or which clients owe you money?
  • Tasks and Jobs Assignments: This Dashboard provides details for task management based on your workflow. It helps you to answer questions like what is staff performance?
  • Time Utilization: These reports show what's going on with billable time in your firm based on time entries. It helps you to answer questions like do we bill enough to cover costs?

Explore any report inside the prebuilt Dashboards, download them or view the underlying data. For details, go to the article on Dashboards.

Generate reports with AI search and Report designer

Aside from using the prebuilt reports you have the option to create your own. You can either use AI search to generate quick reports or build the complex ones using a powerful Report designer

AI search

AI search is a simple tool that helps you quickly generate reports right from the Reporting  > Overview page. The AI engine understands human language, analyzes your query based on the source you select and presents you with a report accompanied by a chart. 

Additionally, when you use the AI-powered search, you can find relevant reports that are already used in your Dashboards.

Report designer

You can build your own reports with a powerful Report designer which includes data from Invoices, Time Entries, Jobs, Tasks, and Pipelines. 

  1. Type in keywords in the search field, such as 'Invoice Amount by Customer 2023', to retrieve reports with real-time data. 
  2. Choose the right visualization (e.g. graphs, charts, pivot tables) to extracted data.
  3. Save reports for everyday use, then pin them right to your Dashboards.

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