Customizable Organizers

Our Organizers tool allows you to create custom-designed questionnaires to gather the information you need from your clients, minimizing anyback-and-forth. Create as many as you want: a personal organizer, a business organizer, an expat organizer, or a construction-business organizer. Here, we show you how to get them out to clients, how to print and export them—and more. 

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Sending Organizers

Organizers can be sent to clients by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage templates and organizers.

To send an organizer to a client, you’ll first need to create a template. For more details, visit Custom Organizer Templates.

Once you have an organizer template, you can:

Send an Organizer to a Client

To send an organizer to a single client, follow these steps: 

1. Click on the + NEW button in the left sidebar menu, then select Organizer in the slide-out. 

2. Click the Organizer Template list to select a template, then click Create to send the organizer to the selected client account.

That’s it! The client will automatically receive an email notifying them that an organizer has been sent to them to fill out.

There are several extra options available:

  • Reminders. Let your client to get an email notification when you send them an organizer. See below
  • Link to  Jobs. You can link your organizer to an existing job to make it immediately available in your workflow when needed. Click the Link to Jobs at the right, and select the job(s). Once linked, the Jobs section is displayed. You can see the job title and the pipeline it belongs to (read more on linking organizers to jobs below).

Send an Organizer to Several Clients

If you need to send the same organizer to multiple clients, use our bulk feature:

Go to Clients from the left sidebar menu, select the checkboxes next to the clients you want to send the organizer to, then click the Send Organizer button. You can send organizers to clients whose accounts are either active or offline. For instance, you may want to send an organizer to an offline client before you send them an invitation to use their TaxDome portal. 

You have the same options as described for  Send an Organizer to a Client above.

Send an Organizer Using Automations

You can set up an automation so that an organizer is automatically sent to the client when a job for them is moved to a new stage in a pipeline. Here’s how:

1. Go to Settings from the left sidebar menu, select Pipelines from the menu bar, then click on the pipeline name or the CREATE PIPELINE button.

2. Select the stage you want to link the automation to, click  + Add automation, then choose Send Organizer in the pull-down menu.

3. Select the template for the automation. Decide whether you want to toggle on  Reminders, so that an additional email goes out to the client if they don’t return the completed organizer by a certain deadline. For more details about Reminders, see below.

4. Click the SAVE button to save your changes. Once the automaton is added, you can see it by going to the pipeline page and clicking the automation icon above the stage. 

Now, once a job is moved to the new stage in the pipeline with the Create Organizer automation, a notification with the automation is displayed. If you don’t want the organizer to be sent to the client, deselect the action, then click MOVE.

Reminding Clients About Pending Organizers

Clients get an email notification when you send them an organizer.

When manually sending an organizer or setting up a Send Organizer automation, you have the option to also toggle on Reminders. When you do, an additional email goes out to the client if they don’t return the completed organizer by a certain date. Once you turn on Reminders, you can configure it:

  • Inactivity Threshold, Days: By default, a reminder is set to go out three days after the organizer was sent to the client, but you can change this to a number you prefer.
  • Limit to: By default, the client gets only one reminder email, but you can also change this to a number you prefer.

Reminders stop when...

  • ...the client has not submitted the organizer and the set number of reminders has been sent.
  • ...the client has submitted the organizer.

What Clients See When You Send an Organizer

The client can fill out an organizer you’ve sent them either by clicking the link in the email notification they’ve received, by clicking the notification on their dashboard, or by going to  the Organizers section of their portal.

If you’d like to see TaxDome from the client portal side, access a read-only view.

How Can I Tell a Client Has Completed an Organizer?

Once a client has clicked Submit on their organizer, you’ll receive a notification by email and in your Inbox+. Click on the organizer’s name or the Go to... link to view it. 

By default, you don't receive a notification each time client uploads a document via the organizer. If you want to, turn on the  Notify about document upload toggle in the organizer template settings

You can change your notification preferences whenever you need to. 

How Can I Submit an Organizer?

There are three ways to submit an organizer, whether it’s partly completed or not:

  • Select the Submit organizer action when moving a job with the linked organizer to the next stage. 

  • Click the three-dots icon either to the right of the organizer in the list or in the preview mode, then select Submit organizer.

  • Click the Submit button when reviewing the answers inside an organizer.

Viewing Client Accounts With Pending Organizers

If you’d like to see which clients still have pending organizers, click on Clients in the left sidebar menu to get to the Accounts page.

To filter the account list to see only the clients who still have pending organizers:

1. In the All Accounts tab, click on the FILTER button in the menu bar.

2. Select Pending in the Organizers section, then click on APPLY.

The narrowed list will then appear.

How to Link and Automove Organizers in Jobs

Linking organizers to jobs helps make them immediately available. And you can use Automove to make jobs automatically move to a next stage in the pipeline once the client submits the organizer. 

Organizers can be linked to jobs by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage organizers. They are linked either manually or by adding automations. While adding organizers to a pipeline using automations involves a change in the pipeline template, manual linking allows you to track all organizers within a pipeline without modifying the template.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Access the pipeline settings, add the stage for obtaining the client’s documents, then toggle on Automove Jobs. You can either add the Create Organizer automation (for more details, go here) or manually link a pending organizer (step 2 below).

2. . There are three ways to link an organizer manually:

  • From organizer creation screen. Click the Link to Jobs, and select the job(s). Once linked, the Jobs section is displayed. You can see the job title and the pipeline it belongs to.

  • From client's organizers list. Click the three-dots icon to the far right of the organizer, select Link to jobs, then select job(s) from the list, and click Submit.

  • From pipeline. Make sure that the job is in the right stage, click the job box, click + Link on the top right, select Organizers, then choose the organizers. By default, only pending organizers are displayed. To see all organizers, click the Filter button, select All, then click the Apply button.

Note the following:

  • You can link any organizer previously sent to the client. 
  • You can link as many organizers to a job as needed.

Now, once the client submits the organizer, the job is automatically moved to the next stage. Or if you’re manually moving a job to the next stage, decide what to do with the pending organizer—unlink, move to the next stage, or mark as completed (for more details, go here).

Viewing/Removing Organizers

To manage a client’s organizers, go to Clients from the left sidebar menu, click on the client account, then go to the Organizers tab. If there are no organizers there, you haven’t yet sent one to the client.

When a client has received an organizer, you’ll see the following:

  • NAMEThis is what the organizer is called.

  • LAST UPDATED: This is the date and time the organizer was created or last updated by the client. All changes made by the client are saved in real time.

  • STATUS: If the client hasn’t started filling in fields and uploading documents or has started but not finished, the status of the organizer will be PENDING. If the client or a firm member has submitted the organizer, the status will be FINISHED
  • PROGRESS: The first figure shows the number of answered questions; the second, the total number of questions in the organizer.
  • SEAL: You’ll see a tag that says SEALED if you’ve opted for the client to no longer be able to make changes (for more details, see below).

Click on the name of the organizer to view the information the client provided. Answers from the client are displayed on one page. All answered questions have a green checkmark.

Delete a client’s organizer if you don’t need it anymore or have sent the client an updated version. To remove an organizer, click the three-dots icon to the far right of the organizer’s name, select Delete, then click the DELETE button (this will not affect the original template).

Sealing Organizers

If you want the client to no longer make changes to an organizer, you can seal it: Click the three-dots icon to the far right of its name, then select Seal.

All organizers sent to a client are by default unsealed. When you seal them, they are marked accordingly. 

If you want the client to have access to the organizer again, unseal it by clicking the three-dots icon to the far right of its name, then selecting Unseal.

Exporting Organizers

To export a completed organizer to an external spreadsheet for analysis, go to the Organizers tab of the client profile, click the three-dots icon to the right of the organizer in the list, and select Export. Then save a CSV file to your computer.

Retain leading zero in exported CSV

If you open a CSV file in excel, it will automatically truncate leading zeros (example: 001 => 1). In order to retain leading zeros, please follow the steps outlined here.

Printing Organizers

To print an organizer, whether pending or completed, click the three-dots icon to the right of the organizer in the list, then select Print.

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