Organizers (Basic): Submit, Unsubmit, Change

Our organizers allow you to create custom-designed questionnaires and forms to get all the essential info you need from your clients. Here, we cover everything you need to know about our organizers.

Knowing When an Organizer Is Ready

Once a client completes an organizer and clicks Submit, you receive a notification by email and in your Inbox+. Click on the organizer’s name or on the Go to... link to view it.

By default, you won’t receive a notification each time a client uploads a document to an organizer. If you do want to know when that happens, toggle on Notify about document upload in the organizer template settings.

Change your notification preferences whenever you need to.

Changing answers in an organizer

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To complete or edit an organizer for a client:

1. Click the three dots either to the right of the organizer in the list or inside an organizer, then select Change answers.

Note that:

  • Every change you make to an organizer is recorded in the audit trail.
  • Organizers can be changed by a firm owner, admin or any team member with access rights to edit organizer answers.

2. You will see the organizer the way your client does. Make edits as needed:

  1. Go to section: Select an organizer step from the drop-down to move to. Those with the green check mark are completed. The counter to the right of a step name shows the number of completed questions out of the total.
  2. Question block: Fill in the answer, upload docs and more, according to the question type. The green line on the top fills up along with your progress.
  3. Compare answers: See the previous organizers in comparison with the current one. For details, go to the subsection below.
  4. Attached docs: Open the sidebar with documents uploaded to the organizer.
  5. Three dots: Open the menu with the Print organizer option.
  6. X: Click to close the organizer and go to the organizers list.
  7. Next: Move to the next organizer step.
  8. Submit: Moves a job with a completed organizer to the next pipeline stage. You will see the prompt to answer all mandatory questions (if any).

All changes are automatically saved. You can close the organizer and resume answering questions later or from a different computer without losing anything.

Comparing answers

You can compare the current organizer with the previous organizers and copy answers or download files from them. To do so, click on the  Compare answers link to the top right and select any previous organizer from the dropdown with the organizer names.

You will see the current organizer on the left and the previous organizer on the right. There you can:

  • Click on any section to view it.
  • Copy an answer by clicking the button to the right of it.
  • Download and preview files by clicking the buttons to the right of the file name.

Click  X to the right or the Compare answers link to close the comparison view.

Submitting Organizers for Clients

There are several ways to submit an organizer, whether it’s fully completed or not:

  • Select Submit organizer to move a job with a linked organizer to the next stage.

  • Click the three dots to the right of the organizer’s name in the list or when reviewing the answers inside an organizer, then select Submit.

Unsubmitting Organizers

You may need to unsubmit an organizer: For instance, you need additional information from a client or you accidentally submitted it. 

Click the three dots to the right of the organizer’s name in the list, or when reviewing the answers inside an organizer, then select Unsubmit. In the slide-out, enter the reason for unsubmitting as an additional comment for the client (optional), then click Unsubmit Organizer.

Once the organizer has been unsubmitted, its status changes to Pending, and an email about it is sent to the client. If you added a comment, it is is displayed in the notification.

Seeing Pending Organizers

If you’d like to see all pending organizers, click Clients in the left sidebar to get to the Accounts page.


Note! This column will be available only if you have enabled Pending organizers in the account list customization sidebar.

To filter the account list to show only clients with pending organizers, follow these steps:

1. Go to Clients, then click Filter.

2. Select Organizers in the dropdown and check Pending.

3. Optionally, create a filter preset to view clients with only active pending organizers by selecting Pending + Active + All in the advanced filter.


Note: If you archive a pending organizer, the client will be displayed when the Pending filter is applied, but the organizer won't appear in the Pending organizers column.

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