Organizers (Basic): View History/Audit Trail

You’ll always be able to see what took place with an organizer. TaxDome’s audit log is sorted chronologically by the most recent event and allows you to find out when...

  • organizer was created by a team member or client.
  • organizer was viewed by a client.
  • ...a client started to fill out an organizer.
  • ...a team member made changes to an organizer.
  • organizer was resent. 
  • organizer was submitted by a team member or a client.
  • organizer was sealed or unsealed by a team member.

To view an organizer’s history, go to Organizers in the client account profile, click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the organizer’s name, or inside the organizer itself, then click Audit Trail.

What you’ll see in the Audit Trail window:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: the first and last name of the account user or the name of their business.

  • USER: the first and last name and email address of the user who accessed the organizer.

  • EVENT: anything that has taken place with the organizer.

  • SERVER TIME: the time (in UTC) the event took place on TaxDome.

  • CLIENT TIME: the time (in UTC) in the user’s location when the event took place. (The difference between UTC and the user’s location time is also displayed.)

  • IP ADDRESS: the IP address of the user who made changes.

  • BROWSER: the browser used when the event took place.

  • OS: the operating system of the user who made changes.


Note! This data started to be saved on May 27, 2021.

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