Organizers (Basic): Enable Clients to Pre-Populate Answers

If you have long-time customers, you likely ask them to fill out the organizer each time they return. With the pre-fill option, you can enhance their experience by allowing the system to pre-populate information that doesn't change from year to year (e.g., addresses, dates of birth, dependent information, corporation information and more). This will save hours of data entry time.

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Turning the Pre-Fill On and Off

The pre-fill option is on by default for all questions in your organizer template (except for the document uploads), so you don't need to do anything to activate it. However, since not all questions need to be pre-populated (such as information on revenue), you should turn off the feature for the questions that need to be answered each time. 

To do so, click the gear icon to the right of a question, that needs to be answered each time, then toggle off Allow pre-fill.

Note the following on using this feature:

  • Allow pre-fill works only if the client receives the new organizer based on the same organizer template. It doesn't work for the different templates with similar questions.  
  • If the organizer allows the returning client to copy sections, only the first section will automatically populate.
  • Documents must be uploaded manually each time, so for sections requiring document upload Allow pre-fill option could not be used. 

How Pre-Fill Works for Returning Clients

When a returning client fills out an organizer similar to one they previously submitted, they have the option to automatically populate the fields with the info they’ve already provided. To do so, they just click Pre-fill answers once they open the organizer. 

If they already have submitted two or more organizers based on the same template, they can select the one to prefill by clicking Change source.

This is how it looks on the client side:


Tip! Organizers in the Change source section of pre-fill might have the same name. Consider renaming previously sent organizers to avoid client confusion in that section.

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