Organizers (Advanced): Enable clients to create their own

Depending on your needs, you can send organizers to your clients yourself or let them create ones on their own. They can even create ones based on your templates (though they won’t be able to add questions).

Here’s how it works:

1. Open an organizer template and click on Settings in the top right.

2. Toggle on Organizer self service.

3. If you toggle it on for at least one template, the New Organizer button on the client Organizers page becomes active. The client will then be able to select a template from the list of templates that have Organizer self service toggled on.

4. Once they create an organizer, the team members assigned to the client receive a notification. And the client will be able to answer the questions in the organizer.


Note! Clients won’t see an organizer template if you haven’t added questions to it.

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