Organizers (Advanced): Enable Clients to Copy Sections

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When you create an organizer template to collect basic info from clients, you may want to give them the opportunity to replicate a section in order to provide additional answers.

For instance, a client may want to add details about a second or even third bank account in the financial part of their organizer.

If you think clients might need to reproduce sections of their organizer, here’s how you do it:

1. When creating or editing the organizer template, click the gear icon next to the section you think clients will want to re-create, then toggle on Allow client to repeat. You can even enter a name for the button that does this that the client will click on (for example, Add dependent).

Sections with Conditions or Allow client to repeat toggled on will have a green dot for easy identification.


Note! When the client copies the section with conditions, they are distributed to the new one. E.g. if the conditional question or section appears when the client answers "Yes" on the general question—it will appear, when "Yes" is selected at least in one of the copied sections.

2. Once you’ve sent the organizer (for more about sending them, go here), the client will be able to replicate those sections as many times as they need to. They can also easily delete accidentally repeated ones.


Tip! If you add a text block with formatting in the beginning of this section, clients can’t miss it. You can see an example in the Individual Tax Organizer with Conditions organizer template that cofrom our Marketplace.

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