Manage Team (Basic): Access & assignees

Managing tons of tasks among many team members can quickly get confusing. Assigning clients, tasks, jobs and invoices to specific team members helps firm owners and admin stay in the know about who is doing what—and who to go to when questions come up. Learn all about making team members assignees.

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Giving account access

Team members are limited on TaxDome until they’re actually assigned to an account. Once they are, they can view and edit client information, upload documents, create invoices, send messages, create notes, view linked contacts—and more. For more details, go here.

Only a firm owner or admin can give team members access to accounts. There are various ways:

  • Give team members default access (that is, access to all accounts).
  • Assign team members to specific accounts.
  • Assign team members while creating or importing accounts.
  • Bulk-assign team members to existing accounts.
  • Use pipeline automations to give team members temporary access to accounts.

For more, go here.

Following accounts

When team members follow an account, they receive notifications about the account’s activity (whether they’re assigned to the account or not). For more details, go here.

Giving pipeline access

Team members are given access to pipelines in the Edit pipeline window’s Available to section (below) rather than assigned to them.

The following happens when a team member is added to the Edit pipeline window’s Available to field:

  • They see the pipeline on their Workflow > Pipelines page.
  • They can add, edit and move jobs from stage to stage for their assigned accounts.
  • They have access to the Workflow section, where they can see and access all pipelines and jobs for their assigned accounts.

Tip: To be able to see the account's jobs in a pipeline, a team member needs to have access both to the pipeline and to the account. There's a quick way to give them access: just @mention them in a job comment. They will get a notification in their Inbox+, whether they have access or not, and will be able to request access. Once granted, they will have access both to the account and to the pipeline.

Selecting job assignees

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Having job assignees helps you see who is responsible for a specific job. It also lets you filter by assignee. You can set up as many assignees as you want for each job.

Here are some examples of how you can take advantage of adding assignees to jobs:

  • Job tracker: if you have staff responsible for keeping track of job progress, you can have all jobs assigned to them. Then this person will be able to see all jobs from all pipelines on one page.
  • A dedicated team: since the job can have several assignees, you may want to assign it to all the people who will be working on it.
  • Independent teamwork: If different people perform a part of a job at different stages of the process, assignees can be changed whenever needed. For example, you can have a job assigned to the client manager at the first stage, then to the preparer at the next stage, then to the reviewer, and so on. Team members can leave comments for each other inside the job card. They can also link documents, notes, etc. so that the person who works on the next step of the job has the complete picture.

Team members can be assigned to jobs in five ways:

  • On the Workflow > Jobs page. Click on the name in the JOB ASSIGNEE column and select one or more assignees. If more than one is selected, you will see the number of additional assignees to the right. Hover over it to see their names.

  • On the Workflow > Job recurrences page. Click on the Assignee field in the ASSIGNEES column and select one or more assignees. If more than one is selected, you will see the number of additional assignees to the right. Hover it over to see their names.

You can even choose whether you want to see the assignee on the job card. Read more about customizing job cards.

Filter your jobs list by assignee using the Team filter on the Jobs page.

You can also track all jobs within a pipeline using the Job Assignee filter:


Note: Remember, jobs go into pipelines. Team members assigned to jobs also need to have access to the pipelines that contain those jobs.

Selecting task assignees

Assign as many team members to one task as needed inside the Task window’s Assignees field (below).

If a task is linked to a job, the assignee can be easily changed inside the job at any time. Go here for the details.

Toggle on Assign task to job assignee inside the Create Task automation in the pipeline settings so that the job and task assignee are the same person.

Team members can see their tasks on one page by navigating to  Workflow > Tasks from the left menu bar. They don’t need access to the accounts or pipelines the tasks are for to view and edit them.


Tip: The Update Account Access pipeline automation allows you to create tasks for specific team members, giving them temporary access to accounts. For example, a stage in a pipeline might include a Review documents task for a specific team member. To learn more, go here.

Selecting invoice assignees

The team member assigned to an invoice gets credit for having performed the services it includes. By default, the person who creates the invoice is assigned to it. For more details, go here

A firm owner, admin, or team member with Manage invoices and Assign teammates access can change the assignee.

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