Tasks, Pipelines & Jobs, Explained

What's the difference between our  PipelinesJobs, and Tasks features? Let's see.

TaxDome offers a great selection of tools to help your workflow run smoothly and efficiently—and we think you’ll find our Pipelines, Jobs, and Tasks features invaluable. Pipelines help you track your internal work procedures; they give you an overall view, showing you what stage a job is in at any given time. As jobs move through the different stages of a pipeline, you can set up tasks along the way that will help you and your team stay on top of the work in a detail-oriented way. 

Here's how the sample process may look like. Your client Charles Burns needs his Corp Tax Return 2019 to be prepared - in terms of TaxDome this is a job that moves through a pipeline. 

Want to learn more? Here, we break it down.

Please see Just Start: Your First Pipeline With Automations tutorial where we explain how typical pipeline with templates and automations is created and what happens when you add a job to it and move it further.

What Are Pipelines?

A pipeline  is an established work procedures: a sequence of steps involved when moving from the beginning to the end of a work process. Pipelines help you manage your client flow; you create one for each different service your firm offers—for instance, a 1040 Return, a W-2, and a Payroll pipeline. Each pipeline has its own unique set of steps, which we call stages. When you look at a pipeline, you can see what stage each job is in and what it needs to move forward toward completion. 

Find out more about creating pipelines.

What Are Jobs?

Most likely, your firm offers an array of services. On TaxDome, an individual service that a client pays for is referred to as a job. A job goes into a pipeline designed for that particular service, so that one pipeline might include many jobs for different clients. For example, all of your clients’ 1040 Returns for 2020 (each, a job) will be handled in your 1040 Return pipeline.      

Find out more about adding jobs to pipelines.

What Are Tasks?

Tasks  are to-dos. They can be assigned to any of your team members; they might be linked to a specific job, automated within a pipeline, or even standalone. Labeled with different statuses, tasks can include subtasks as well as comments. 

Learn more about creating tasks and using tasks in jobs.

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