Automove (Basic): Move Job Automatically When E-Signature Complete


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You can have your jobs to move automatically to the next stage of the pipeline once the document is fully signed. To make the automation magic happen, turn on the  Automove feature, then link your document to a job either from the web portal or from the Windows desktop app. The same logic works if you request approval and link the document pending approval. 

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Step 1. Set Up the E-Sign Stage and Enable Automove

Speaking about documents pending e-signatures, the process usually is as follows:

1. Make sure you have a stage in your pipeline for documents pending signature. Optionally, it could include a task template for a responsible team member. Once the job enters this stage, the task is created asking them to upload 8879, request a signature for it and link the doc to a job. 

2. Make sure the  Automove Jobs toggle for the stage is turned on. To make it work with linked document pending signature, you don't have to add any automations (though you can do so).

Step 2. Request a Signature

Upload prepared docs to a folder with Client can view  access so your clients can e-sign, then use the Request Signature option to send the PDF to the client for e-signing. You can do this either from the web portal or from the desktop app

Step 3. Link Document Pending E-Signature to the Job

Linking the document pending signature to the job is important because only this way the job will move to the next stage once the document is fully signed. You can do this in two ways:

From Web Portal

1. Open the job card either from the kanban view, calendar, or from the Jobs list.

2. Make sure the job is in the E-sign stage.

3. Link the document pending e-signature to it: Click + Link at the top, select Documents, click the folder and choose the files, then click Link.

From Windows App

When uploading a document via the desktop app, turn on the Link to job toggle, then select the job from the list. 


Note! If the document is not signed and you manually move the job to another stage you’ll be prompted to decide what to do about it (for more details, go here).

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