Automove (Basic): Move Job Automatically When Locked Document Paid

You can have your jobs move automatically to the next stage of the pipeline once the client accepts the document pending payment. To make the automation magic happen, turn on the Automove feature, then link your document to a job. The same logic works when you request an e-signature and link the document pending approval. 

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Step 1. Set up the document-pending-payment stage and enable automove

A perfectly automated process always begins with selecting the right place for it in your workflow. You can do this in two steps:

1. Add a stage for documents pending payment to your pipeline. You don't need to add any automations, though you could include a task template for the assigned team member asking them to lock document to the invoice and then link it to the job.

Also, an automated email to the client asking for payment could be sent at this stage.

2. Ensure that you have the  Automove Jobs toggle turned on. To make it work with linked document pending payment, you don't have to add any automations (although you can).

Step 2. Lock a document and link it to a job

Upload your doc to TaxDome. After you click Next at the beginning of uploading, click + Link invoice and select the invoice you want to lock the document to or click + Create invoice to create a new one. (You can read more on locking docs.)

Then click  + Link jobs button, select a job and click Link. (Here's more info on linking documents.)


Note! If the invoice for the document has not been paid, and you manually move the job to another stage, you’ll be prompted to decide what to do about it (for more details, read about how to handle unfinished elements when moving jobs).

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