Signatures (Advanced): Create & apply templates

Use signature templates to save time requesting e-signatures for frequently used forms. Instead of each time having to manually add required fields (signature, initials, date, free text entry, etc.), create a template once, then apply it whenever needed. Templates can be applied on the Web app as well as the Windows desktop app.

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Creating signature templates

A signature template can be created by a firm owner, admin or any team member with the access rights to manage templates. You may want to design the signature templates ahead of time so that they are ready to go—or to be customized further.

To create a signature template:

1. Go to Templates > Firm templates from the left menu bar, select Signatures, then click Create template.

2. Drag and drop the PDF form (e.g., 8879, 1040 or 1099) for which you want to create a temlate.

3. Name the template.

4. Add signature fields. You’ll need to add signature fields for different signers separately:

  • For the first signer, select Signer #1 in the Choose signer drop-down. Select the date format (it will remain the same for the next signers). Add as many fields as needed for their signature, initials and the date. Add text fields to request an SSN, the mother’s maiden name, etc.
  • For the second signer, such as a spouse, add one more signer by clicking Edit signers, then Add signer, then Back. Now, add the necessary fields for the second signer. 
  • For the firm representative, select Firm Member in the Choose signer drop-down. Now, add the necessary fields for the firm rep as well.

5. Add a personal touch with a custom message for the client. You can use shortcodes to make it more engaging. 

5. Click  Save & Exit to save the template and go back to the list of template. Or click Save to keep your changes and continue editing the template.

Adding Default Signature Templates from Our Library

We offer sample signature templates that you can easily edit. To add a signature template from our library:

1. Go to Templates > Firm templates from the left menu bar, open the Signatures tab, then click Copy from library.

2. Click the copy icon to the far right of the template you want to add. Edit the template by clicking on its name.

Applying Signature Templates

Once you’ve created a template, use it to speed up your signature-requesting process. Here’s how:

1. Request a signature for any document uploaded to your folder with Client can view access.

2. Click Template to get a drop-down menu. Select a template.

  • Your name will automatically populate the firm representative’s e-signature field.
  • Your clients’ names will automatically populate the Signer 1 and Signer 2 signature fields.

Read more on signature settings.

By default, the signing order is the same as the linked contacts in the Account Details section. Change it if needed:

  • To find out where to place signatures, go here.
  • To change the order of the signatures on a document, click Edit signers. Select the name of the contact from the drop-down for Signer 1, then for Signer 2. Delete any unwanted signers by clicking the trash can icon. Add more signers by clicking Add signer.

Editing Signature Templates

To make changes to a signature template:

1. Go to  Templates > Firm templates from the left menu bar, open the Signatures tab, then click on the signature template.

2. Make changes to the signature template, then click Save & Exit.

Duplicating Signature Templates

Create new signature templates based on existing ones: Click three dots to the far right of the signature template name, then select Duplicate. The template’s copy will be saved with a suffix (e.g., Signature (2)).

Deleting Signature Templates

To remove a signature template completely, go to  Templates > Firm templates from the left menu bar, open the Signatures tab. Click three dots to the far right of the signature template, click Delete, then confirm by clicking Delete in the Delete Confirmation pop-up.

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