Requesting E-Signatures in Documents

Request e-signatures so that clients can sign your prepared documents and forms from their TaxDome portals—just indicate where they need to sign. You can even add multiple signers and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) as well as turn on Reminders.

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Requesting E-Signatures

Use our Request Signature feature for all of your prepared documents and forms that need e-signing. First, upload the document to the client account profile if you haven’t done so yet. 

Next, follow these steps to request e-signature: 

1. Go to the Docs tab of the client’s account, open the Public subtab, click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the document’s name, then click Request Signature in the pull-down menu.

Note: Once a client e-signs a document, the signed document replaces the original file.

2. Add as many signature fields as needed, where the client should insert their e-signature. You can do this anywhere on the document, as well as add Initials and Date Signed fields. The date automatically populates the Date Signed field when a client signs the document, and it cannot be edited. 

When requesting a signature from a client who has two or more contacts linked to their account, select the desired signer for each field. (Read more about adding multiple signers below.)

3. Сlick SEND. This sends the document to the clients who need to sign. When you choose SEND, all added fields are saved, and the document will be visible under the Signatures subtab of the Docs tab to both you and those signing. 

Plus, you can also:

  • Turn on the Request KBA toggle. See Adding Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) for more details; available to U.S. clients and firms only.
  • Set Up Reminders.
  • Save your changes without sending the document to the clients who need to sign. When you click SAVE, all added fields are saved, and the document will be visible under the Signatures subtab of the Docs tab. You’ll still be able to review the document and add or delete any field. The document won’t be visible to the client until you click SEND

Reminding Clients to E-Sign Documents

Your clients receive an email notification when you send them a document that needs signing. But sometimes they might not get around to it.

If you turn on the Reminders toggle when requesting signatures, additional emails are sent to the client if they don’t sign the document within a certain time frame. Once you turn on Reminders, you can configure it to your liking:

  • Inactivity Threshold, Days: You can set the reminder to go out after x number of days if the document has not yet been fully signed. By default, a reminder is sent three days after a signature is requested.
  • Limit to: You can set the amount of reminders that go out to the client. By default, the client receives only one reminder email.

Reminders stop when...

  • ...all signature fields on the document have not been e-signed, but the set number of reminders has been reached.
  • ...all signature fields on the document have been e-signed.

Adding Multiple Signers

You can request someone’s e-signature on a document as long they have portal access to the account it is for. Their contact and email address need to be linked to the account and their portal access turn on.  

Here’s how to add signature fields for more than one signer:

  • When requesting e-signatures on a document for an account that has two or more users with portal access, indicate which user needs to e-sign by selecting a name each time you add a signature or initials field. Make sure to add fields for all signers before sending the document to be e-signed. 
  • Each user will see all fields added to the document but will be able to e-sign only theirs.
  • You will be notified when each user e-signs the document; notifications include how many signers still need to e-sign.
  • Once someone has e-signed a document, you can no longer edit the signature field.
  • A document is marked Signed once all required users have e-signed.

What Your Client Sees When You Request an E-Signature

A client can view and e-sign a document you’ve sent them either by going to Documents, then to the Signatures section of their client portal, by clicking the link in their email notification, or by clicking the notification on their dashboard.


Access a read-only view of a client’s portal to see things from their side.

Viewing Who Has E-Signed a Document or Declined to

When a client signs a document, declines to sign, or fails the KBA, you’ll receive a notification by email. You’ll also get a notification in your Inbox+. Click on the document or the Go to... link to review the e-signature status.

If an e-signature was requested from multiple users, you’ll see which users have or haven’t signed the document. 

Note: You can always change notification preferences if you need to.

If you want to check a document’s e-signature status, go to  Docs, then the Public section. Learn more about document statuses here.

The document’s audit trail also shows whether a client provided an e-signature or passed or failed the KBA.

Viewing Which Client Accounts Still Have Pending E-Signatures 

You’ll always find the accounts that have pending e-signatures in the Accounts list.

You can filter your account list to see all accounts with documents still awaiting e-signatures:

1. Go to Clients, then click on the FILTER button.

2. Select Pending Signature in the Signatures section, then click APPLY.

You’ll then see a list of those accounts.

Managing E-Signatures Inside Client Accounts

To manage e-signatures for a specific client account, use filters or navigate to the Signatures subtab. 

To use filters:

1. In the client account profile, go to Docs, then click on the FILTER button.

2. Narrow the list of documents you are searching for by selecting one or more filters in the Signatures section. 

  • All: All documents with requested e-signatures.
  • Signed: All documents e-signed by all users of the client account.
  • Partially Signed: All documents e-signed by at least one user of the client account.
  • Pending Signature: All documents not e-signed by any of the users of the client account.
  • Prepared for Signature: All documents with added signature fields that have not yet been sent to the users of the client account.
  • Opted Out: All documents not signed by any of the users of the client account because they have declined to.
  • Pending KBA: All documents with KBA requests that have at least one user of the client account who still needs to e-sign.
  • KBA Failed: All documents that have at least one signer of the client account who has failed the KBA and/or additional users who declined to sign the document.

3. Click APPLY.

The list of documents will then be narrowed to your specifications.

To see the list of all documents with signature requests or that were prepared for signature, go to Docs in the client account profile, then open the Signatures subtab.

The following information is available here:

  • NAME: Click on the document’s name to view and download it.

  • SIGNED:  What the icons mean:


a green checked circle: The document has been e-signed by all signers.

a gray checked circle:a gray checked circle: The document was sent to the client but has not been e-signed by all signers yet.

a red crossed circle: The client declined to e-sign the document.

  • DATE UPLOADED: The date the document was uploaded to TaxDome appears in this column.

  • DATE REQUESTED: The date the document was sent to the client to be e-signed appears in this column.

  • DATE SIGNED: The date the document was e-signed by the client appears in this column.

You can sort documents by name, date uploaded, date requested, or date e-signed. Click on the up-down arrow icon to the right of the appropriate column name.

Canceling E-Signature Requests

If you mistakenly sent a signature request, you can cancel it—but act quickly. You can do this only if it is still in PENDING SIGNATURE status and no one has signed it yet.

To cancel a signature request:

In the client account profile, open the Docs tab, then the Public or Signatures subtab, click on the three-dots icon to the far right of the document’s name, then click Cancel Signature Request in the pull-down menu.

Once a user has signed, you cannot cancel a request; the Cancel Signature Request feature is only available for documents that has 0 in the status counter.

To see all documents that are pending e-signature:

In the client account profile, open the Docs tab, then the Public subtab, click on the FILTER button, select the PENDING SIGNATURE status, then click APPLY

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