Signatures (Basic): E-signing Joint Returns

Married filing jointly is often the best choice when only one spouse has an income or the most significant income. Here, find out how to request e-signatures from spouses to file a joint tax return. 

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Before you start

To proceed with the signature request:

  • Check if both spouses have separate email addresses.
  • Make sure both spouses' contacts are linked to the same account. For details, go to the article on accounts with a joint tax return.
  • Check if both the taxpayer and the spouse have portal access to the account (Login must be toggled on for both their email addresses).
  • Define the signer priority by using Signer 1 for the taxpayer and Signer 2 for the spouse (optional but will reduce clicks). 
  • Make sure the doc is saved in a folder with Client can view access . If it is in a folder with different access rights, move it to one with Client can view access. 

Requesting e-signatures for joint returns

To request e-signatures from a married couple, follow these steps:

1. Go to the  Documents subtab of a client account, click the three dots to the far right of the PDF, then select Request Signature. For details, go to the article on requesting e-signatures.

2. Add signature fields for the taxpayer.

3. Select the spouse’s name in the Choose signer drop-down and add signature fields for the spouse.

For clarity, a different color is used for each signer.

4. Сlick Send.

What happens next?

Once you requested e-signatures from spouses:

  • The taxpayer and the spouse receive an email with a unique link to the document pending e-signatures.
  • They see that the document is pending e-signatures.
  • When they are logged in with their email they see all the fields added to the document, but can only sign on their own field 
  • You receive a notification when each spouse signs the document; it lets you know whether the other has signed or not.
  • Once someone has signed a document, the signature field cannot be edited.
  • A document is marked Signed once both spouses have signed it.
  • If someone fails the KBA or declines to sign, you’ll need to upload the prepared document and request both e-signatures again.
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