How to Move Documents & Folders

Organize your files and folders by moving them around however you want them inside a client’s profile. Documents can be moved by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage documents.
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Note: You cannot move documents that are locked or waiting for approval or to be signed to the P rivate or  Client’s Docs locations. If you’ve selected a folder that contains this kind of file, it will not be moved.
To move documents and folders within a client’s profile to any of their folders: 

1. Select the checkbox next to the documents and/or folders you want to move, then click the Move button. To select all items, click on the topmost checkbox.

2. Continue by selecting the settings for the file:

  • To move documents to the Client’s Docs or Private location, navigate to the folder you want to move them to or create a new folder for them, then click the MOVE button.
  • To move documents from the Private to the Public location, continue to upload. See Additional Options When Uploading to Public for more details. 
  • Repeat for each file by clicking on the Next Document link, then click PUBLISH or PUBLISH ALL

Can I Move Documents From One Client Account to Another?

You cannot move files from one client account to another. Each file contains a unique audit trail and other useful information that does not carry over from account to account.

If you upload a file to the wrong account, please delete it and upload to the correct one.

If you are using the TaxDome Drive to manage your documents, you can copy and paste a file into a new account folder, but you cannot drag-and-drop it. Copying and pasting the file creates a second file in the new account, but it does not delete the original file from the initial account.

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