Docs (Basic): Unrecognized File Types

TaxDome offers unlimited storage, so you can upload as many files as you need to. Because we want TaxDome to remain safe and secure, not all file types are accepted. 

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Unsupported File Extensions

All extensions other than the ones listed below are supported by TaxDome. The maximum upload size is 300 MB at one time. 


Executable files contain a set of instructions, which your device or computer interprets and runs once you open it. So, for example, when you open   TaxDome.exe , it launches the TaxDome application. 

Unsupported Extensions
.bat .vb .fxp .mdw .vbs
.exe .vbscript .hlp .msc .wsc
.cmd .asp .hta .msi .wsf
.sh .cer .inf .msp .wsh
.php .csr .ins .mst
.pl .jsp .isp .ops
.cgi .drv .jse .pcd
.386 .sys .htaccess .prg
.dll .ade .htpasswd .reg
.com .adp .ksh .scr
.torrent .bas .lnk .sct
.js .chm .mdb .shb
.app .cpl .mde .shs
.jar .crt .mdt .url
.pif .csh .mdw .vbe


Archive files are composed of one or more files along with metadata. For example, folder.gz.

Unsupported  Extensions
.xpi .iso
.whl .gz
.war .epub
.tlz .egg
.tgz .dmg
.tbz2 .deb
.tar .cpio
.shar .cab
.s7z .ar
.rar .apk
.pea .a
.mar .7z

Heads-Up: Zip files can be uploaded to the TaxDome Web app or to the desktop app but not to TaxDome Drive. For more details, go here.


Video file formats store digital video data on a computer or device. For example, birthday.avi.

Unsupported  Extensions
.webm .m4v
.mpg .avi
.mp2 .wmv
.mpeg .mov
.mpe .qt
.mpv .flv
.ogg .swf
.mp4 .avchd
.m4p .mkv
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