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When you upload a document to TaxDome or your client uploads it from their side, it is added to the client's account. This way, you’ll always be able to find a client’s documents by navigating to their profile and clicking on their  Docs tab, where all of their documents are stored. 

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Docs Subtabs, Explained

To view or download a client’s documents, go to Clients from the left sidebar menu, select the client account, then navigate to the Docs tab. You are then inside that client’s profile and can access all of their docs. 

Inside the Docs tab, you’ll see five subtabs that help keep each client’s documents organized:

  • Private: documents that are not visible to the client. It’s your safe place for materials related to the client but that they don’t necessarily need to see, such as drafts, reference materials for tax preparation, or proprietary spreadsheets, like Proseries or Lacerte files.

  • Public: documents that are shared with the client. The client can see them, but they can’t delete or manage them.

  • Client’s Docs: documents that were uploaded to TaxDome by the client or by you on behalf of the client. Clients can delete these or move them to different folders.

  • Approvals: public documents that were prepared by your firm and paid for by the client. These are either approved or awaiting approval by the client. Information about the status of documents is also available here.

  • Signatures: public documents that are awaiting to be signed. 

  • File Requests: links to folders that were created for the client to upload documents without logging in.

  • Trash: documents that were recently deleted either by you or by the client. They are permanently deleted after 30 days.  

Under the Private, Public, and Client’s Docs subtabs, you’ll find the following information about each document:

  • Name: The document’s title. An icon showing the document’s file type appears to the left of its name.

  • Date: The date that the document was uploaded. 

  • Uploaded by: This is available for files in both the Public and Private locations and shows the name of the team member who uploaded the file.

  • Description: A description of the content of the document if one was added when it was uploaded (optional).

  • Status: This is available for the files in both the Public and Client's Docs locations and displays the statuses of your documents to help manage and organize them. For more details, see Document Statuses, Explained.

  • All unseen documents automatically get a NEW tag for a current team member, so that you can always see which ones you haven’t viewed yet.

How Do I Know That a Client Has Uploaded a Document?

Once your client has uploaded a document, you’ll receive a notification by email. You’ll also get a notification in your Inbox+. Click on the highlighted document name to view it or on the Go to... link to navigate to the uploaded document. 

Note that you don't receive a notification when a client uploads document inside an organizer until they submit the whole organizer.

Note: You can change notification preferences at anytime.

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