How to Request Documents From Clients or Third Parties

TaxDome offers a variety of quick, simple, and secure ways to obtain the documents you need from clients and others, even if they want to skip logging in or don’t have a portal access.

Requesting Documents From Clients Without Them Logging In

Do you have clients who don’t have portal access, don’t use the client portal, or are constantly forgetting their sign-in info? Worry not! Generate a link with a document-upload request. Once the client clicks on the link, they’re taken to a page where they’ll be able to upload by dragging-and-dropping docs—no login or portal access needed. You’ll get a notification in your Inbox+ once the documents are uploaded.

To create a link for a client without portal access:

1. Go to the Docs section of the client’s profile, select the folder where you want to upload, click the three-dots icon to the right of the folder, then select Request Files.

Note: The client won’t be able to see the contents of the folder.

2. Enter a message. For example, tell the client why the document is needed.

3. Choose one of these options:

  • Send the link manually: Click the CREATE button, then copy the link and send it to the client. Or copy it later at any time by navigating to the File Requests tab of the Docs section.
  • Send the link automatically: Turn on the Send request via e-mail toggle, select the recipient from the list (these are emails linked to the account that have portal access enabled) or enter any email you want, then click the CREATE button.

To access all the links you’ve generated, go to the  File Requests tab of the Docs section.

  • If you want to change the message included with the link, click the three-dots icon to the right of the link, select Edit, then enter a new message and click SAVE.
  • If you no longer want the client to upload files via the link, click the three-dots icon to the right of the link, then select Revoke.

Creating a Secure Link for Non-Clients to Send Documents

Create a general guest account where anyone can securely upload documents for your firm. The person uploading the file to the guest account won’t need to have portal access. 

Here's how:

1. Create a general guest account that doesn’t have any contacts linked to it. This way, you‘ll be able to share it with different people, but only firm members will have access to it. 

2. Create a specific folder in the account, so that it stays organized.

3. Create a secure request link for this folder (see above), then send it to the person who needs to upload. 

4. Once the files you need are uploaded, you can share them with a third party as described here

Requesting Clients to Upload Documents to Their Portal

Once a client has portal access to their account, they can upload documents by navigating to their Documents section. For more details on how a client uploads documents to their portal, visit our Client Help Center.

Requesting Clients to Upload Documents via the TaxDome Mobile App: “Take a Pic!”

Once a client has portal access to an account, they can install the TaxDome Mobile App to their smartphone. With our document scanner feature, they can use their phone to take a pic of a document, crop and rotate it, and immediately upload it to their portal. For more details on how clients can use the app to upload, go to our Client Help Center.

Requesting Documents Inside Client Organizers

Our organizers provide your clients with a series of custom-tailored questions so that you can get the information and documents you need from them. Organizer templates can be designed to include as many file-upload requests as you require. Documents uploaded to an organizer are automatically saved to the Client’s Docs location. Learn more about creating organizers here.

Note that you don't receive a notification when a client uploads document inside an organizer until they submit the whole organizer.

Requesting Documents in Messages

Our Secure Messages feature consists of mini-chat threads where you can safely talk with clients. Documents can be attached to messages while creating them or even afterward. To make sure a client doesn’t forget to follow up on a document request, make it a to-do inside the thread by adding it as a task by using our Client Tasks feature. The request will show up as part of a checklist they’ll need to complete. Learn more about our Secure Messages feature here.

Requesting Documents in Emails

Keep in mind that requesting documents by email is not the most secure way of exchanging information. When your email is synced with TaxDome, you’ll see all email from clients in TaxDome’s Inbox+ and also under the Email tab of each client’s profile. Attachments clients send via email can be autosaved to the Client’s Docs location of their client portal.

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