Client Tasks in Messages

Client tasks are checklists that you may add for your clients inside the secure messages

When you add tasks, it is conveniently designed to look like a to-do list, with boxes that can be checked off. Once all the items are checked off by the client, you’ll get an email notification. 

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Adding Client Tasks

Tasks can be added to a thread anytime, and you’ll be able to track all of the client’s tasks on a single page (see below). 

  1. Once you click the Add task link, a checkbox appears with a field for the task. Fill in the field with the task’s name.
  2. Click Add task to create more to-dos for the client.
  3. Once a task is completed, you or the client can check off the box beside it. 

You can change the order of tasks in a client’s to-do list or delete any of them by using the move and trash can icons to their right. 

How Do I Know That Someone Has Made Updates to Tasks?

You or the team member(s) assigned to a client will receive a notification in your Inbox+ whenever someone makes changes to the client tasks. You can see if it was the client or another team member. By expanding the message notification, you can also see the current status of the tasks. Read more on how message notifications work in the article

Tracking Tasks on a Single Page

You can track all of the tasks for a client on a single page. The tasks that refer to one message thread are grouped together and separated from other threads by a line.

You’ll find the following information in the Client Tasks subtab of the Messages tab:

  • TASKS: the task’s name.
  • TITLE: the message’s name. Click on it to jump to the thread.
  • PROGRESS: The first figure shows the number of completed client tasks; the second, the total number of tasks in the message thread.
  • DATE CREATED: when the message was added.
  • CREATOR: the name of the person who created the message.
  • LAST RESPONSE: when the last response to the message was written and who wrote it.

By default, all tasks assigned to the client are displayed. To view only the completed or uncompleted tasks, use the quick filter on the left.

To search for a specific task, type a keyword in the search field, then press enter on your keyboard. The task list is then narrowed to your specifications.

You can also filter the list to see only messages containing completed or uncompleted tasks, or messages created by a specific team member:

1. Click on the FILTER button.

2. Select one or two filters, then click APPLY.

A narrowed list then appears.

What Clients See When You Send Messages With Tasks

Clients view and respond to a message you’ve sent by clicking the notification on their dashboard, clicking the link in the email notification, or going to the Messages section of their portal. Client tasks are displayed inside the notifications.

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