Firm wiki pages (Basic): Create, edit & delete

Use TaxDome’s Wiki Pages to create and store cheat sheets for your team. Create pages for onboarding or for standard operating procedures, then automatically add them to jobs so team members always have the instructions they need handy to perform their work efficiently.

Creating wiki pages

Any team member can create a wiki page, which can then be added to pipeline automations, jobs and job templates.

How to make a wiki page:

1. Go to Documents > Wiki from the left menu bar, then click Create Page.

Or click the  NEW button on the top left, then select Page.

2. Enter a name for the wiki page. This is the name you’ll see when selecting the page from the Wiki list and what team members will see inside jobs. If you don’t give the page a name, a generic one—such as Page 1 Jun 2022, 12:46—is automatically generated.

3. To create the contents of a page, you’ve got lots of options:

  • Copy and paste content from your firm’s intranet wiki or internal documents, or create new content altogether. 
  • Add images.
  • Add video from YouTube or Loom by clicking Embed video, then pasting the video links.
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to apply formatting and add links. Here are the shortcuts:
Ctrl/cmd+B Makes text bold
Ctrl/cmd+U Underlines text
Ctrl/cmd+I Makes italic text 
Ctrl/cmd+Z Undo
Ctrl/cmd+Shift+Z Redo 
Ctrl/cmd+A Select all
Ctrl/cmd+C Copy
Ctrl/cmd+X Cut
Ctrl/cmd+K Format as link

5. Changes are automatically saved, and you can leave the page and return to edit it at any time. Your drafts will be displayed in the Wiki list.

Adding images to wiki pages

You can insert images into your wiki pages either from your device or any website. Use one of the options available while creating or editing pages:

  • Upload an image from your device using the Add picture button
  • Paste an image from the clipboard directly to the wiki page text field
  • Paste any image from the web to the wiki page text field
Ways of adding images that are not supported:
  • Drag and drop an image into the wiki page text field
  • Paste a file with the image to the wiki page text field from your device

Publishing & unpublishing wiki pages

Once you’ve finished creating your wiki page, it’s time to publish it. Once it is published, it’s ready to be added to pipeline automations, jobs and job templates. There are two ways to publish a wiki page:

  • In the Wiki list, click the three dots to the far right of the page’s name, then click Publish.
  • On the page’s edit screen, click Publish

Unpublishing works the same way: If you need to make changes to a page, click Edit & Unpublish while viewing the wiki page, or click the three dots to the far right of the page’s name, then click Unpublish.


Heads-Up:  When you unpublish a page, it’s no longer displayed inside the job templates, automations and jobs where it was added. Once it’s published again, it’s restored.

Editing wiki pages

A firm owner and admin have access to edit all wiki pages, whereas a team member can only edit the pages they themselves have created.

If you need to edit a draft, follow these steps:

1. Go to Documents > Wiki from the left menu bar, then click on the page’s name.

2. Make your changes, then click Back. Changes are automatically saved.

To edit a published page:

1. Open the page either from the Wiki section or from the job the page is linked to.

2. Click Edit & Unpublish, make your changes, then click Publish.

Sharing wiki pages with clients and team members

To share a wiki page with a client or team member:

1. Go to Documents > Wiki from the left menu bar, then click on the page’s name.

2. Click Share at the top right of the page.

3. In the right sidebar, toggle on Accessed by link and either click Copy link or the link itself.  

4. Click Done to close the sidebar.



  • The client or team member should be authorized to open the shared Wiki Page.
  • You can only share a page that has been published.

Deleting wiki pages

Though we recommend unpublishing pages rather than deleting them, you can permanently remove them if they’re no longer relevant.

Click the three dots to the far right of the wiki page name, select Delete, then confirm by clicking Delete again. 

You can access all pages that were deleted in the last 120 days by navigating to Trash in the Wiki section.


Heads-Up: When you delete a page, it’s no longer displayed inside the pipeline automations, jobs and job templates where it was added; it’s permanently gone.

Deleting permanently

You can permanently delete the pages from the Trash location anytime. For example, this might be useful if your work procedures have been changed and your cheat sheets have become outdated, and you don’t want your team members to have access to them in the Trash

Click the three dots to the far right of the page name in the Trash section, then select Delete.

Restoring wiki pages

You can restore any page that wasn’t permanently deleted. Click the three dots to the far right of the page name in the Trash location, then select Restore.


Note: Anything that was previously linked to the page, such as invoices or e-signatures, is not restored.

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