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Adding wiki pages to jobs is a great way to make sure team members always have the instructions to procedures they need to follow when they need them.

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Adding Wiki Pages to Jobs, Explained

Wiki pages—whether they are for instructions on how to onboard a new client or for the procedure to follow with a particular job—are useful to teams of all sizes. TaxDome allows you to create wiki pages, then add them to jobs, so that all team members have them handy when they need them. Here are the options of where you can place wiki pages so that your team members always have a cheat sheet at the ready:

  • Add a wiki page to a job template to provide team members with the procedure to follow for that specific type of job.
  • Add a Wiki Page automation to a stage in a pipeline to automatically provide team members with the procedure to follow at that particular stage of a job. 
  • Manually add a wiki page to a specific job to provide a team member with the procedure to follow for that job.  

Read about all options in detail below.

Storing Wiki Pages Inside Job Templates

When you add wiki pages to a job template, jobs created from that template will contain links to those pages. To add wiki pages to a job template:

1. First, create a new job template or edit an existing one: Go to Settings from your left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, then open the Jobs tab. Now, either click Create Template, or go ahead and choose an existing template. 

2. Click + Add on the top right of the Edit Job Template screen, select Add wiki pages, then choose the wiki pages you want to add.

3. Save the template.


Note: Only published wiki pages can be added to a job template. If the wiki page is unpublished, it will no longer be displayed inside the template. If it’s published again, it gets restored.

Adding Wiki Pages to Jobs via Automation

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If you want a wiki page to be automatically added during a specific stage in a pipeline, use the Add wiki page automation:

1. First, create a new pipeline or edit an existing one: Go to Settings from your left sidebar, select Pipelines in the menu bar. Now, either click Create Pipeline, or go ahead and choose an existing pipeline.

2. Select the stage, click on the  Add automations button or the Edit automations if you already have one, then select Add wiki page in the pull-down menu.

3. Choose the wiki page for the automation; only published pages are displayed in the list.

4. Click Save. Once the automation is added, you can see it by going to the pipeline page and clicking the automation icon above the stage.

Now, when a job moves to the stage in the pipeline with the Add wiki page automation, a notification with the automation appears. 

If you don’t want the wiki page to be added to a job, deselect the automation, then click Move.


Note: If the wiki page gets unpublished, the automation to add the wiki page will no longer be triggered. If it is published again, it gets restored both in the pipeline settings and in the jobs moving through it.

Manually Adding Wiki Pages to Jobs

To manually add a wiki page to a specific job, first make sure that the job is in the right stage in the pipeline. Now, click on the job card, click + Link on the top right, select Wiki pages, then choose the page.

  • You can only add published wiki pages.
  • You can add as many as you want.
  • If the wiki page becomes unpublished, it is unlinked. If it’s published again, it gets restored.

Previewing Wiki Pages in Pipelines

Once the wiki page has been added to a job, a link to it is displayed on the job card. To view the wiki page, click the link. 

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