Wiki-page list (Basic): View, filter, search, sort

Use TaxDome  wiki pages to create and store instructional pages, such as onboarding and work procedures, for your team. It’s a great place to put all of your firm’s internal cheat sheets. Any team member can create a wiki page, and everyone has access to them.

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The list of wiki pages

To see your firm’s wiki pages on TaxDome, go to Documents > Wiki from the left menu bar. View every wiki page inside the All Pages tab and the ones you created yourself under the My Pages tab.

You’ll see these columns:

  • NAME: What you or a team member called the wiki page.
  • CONNECTION: The number of created connections with the wiki page (i.e. how many times wiki page is used in automations and job templates).
  • AUTHOR: The team member who created the wiki page.
  • LAST EDIT: When the wiki page was last edited.
  • STATUS: Wiki pages exist either in DRAFT or PUBLISHED status. Only published wiki pages can be used with jobs, job templates or pipeline automations.

Searching for a Wiki page

To find a specific wiki page, type a keyword in the search field, such as the page’s name or its author, then press enter on your keyboard. The list is then narrowed. Click X to clear the search field.

Filtering a wiki-page list

Filters are useful when you need to find a certain kind of wiki page. For example, filtering allows you to quickly find all wiki pages with a Published status or all that were created by a specific team member. There are three ways to filter wiki pages:

  • By author: See only the wiki pages created by specific team members.

  • By time frame: See only the wiki pages created during the last year, month, week, etc.

  • By status: See only the wiki pages that are published or unpublished.

To narrow the list of wiki pages using filters, click the Filter button in the top-right corner of the screen, select the desired filters, then click Apply. Here's more on creating and applying filter templates.

Sorting a wiki-page list

Wiki pages are sorted by name by default. However, you can also sort them by author, last edit or status. Click the up-down arrow to the right of the column header you want to use to sort the list.

Viewing connections

When viewing the list of wiki pages, you can see how many times a certain wiki page is used in automations and job templates. The number displayed is how many connections this wiki page has. If there's nothing in the column, then the Wiki page is not connected to any automations or job templates.

You can view the list of connections by hovering over the number of wiki page connections. Clicking on the link will open the pipeline or the job template in the current window.


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