CRM (Basic): Filters

Save time and improve your efficiency by filtering your lists—accounts, jobs, tasks, invoices, payments, time entries, or Inbox+ notifications—so that they show only what you need to see. You can apply as many filters as needed to fine-tune them.

Plus, you can save any of your selections as filter templates for later use—and even share them with your team!

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How to use filters and apply them


Note! We are redesigning our filters, and this article covers the old-version filters. As of now, new filters have been released for just some of the pages in TaxDome. Here's an article about working with the new filters.

Filters work the same for all lists. When you use filters to narrow down a list, you select them based on the data you’re looking for. Follow these links for more on filters for these specific lists:

To filter a list, click FILTER in the top-right corner, select the filters you want, then click APPLY. You can apply as few or as many filters as needed.

Once you’ve applied your selected filters, the list is narrowed accordingly. The selected filters are shown at the top of the Filter page. You can easily adjust your results by adding or deleting filters; otherwise, click RESET to clear all of them.

In case you’re wondering...

  • When using multiple filters, AND logic applies: each account in the list will meet all of the criteria selected.
  • Filters remain the same when you leave and reopen the page.
  • The filters you set and the filters your teammates set will not overlap.

Saving filter selections

Filters, especially advanced ones that require four or more criteria, take time to create. Save your most frequently used filter selections so that you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

Here’s how: Once you’ve made your filter selections, click the Save as template link, give the filter template a name, then click Save. You’ll then see the name displayed at the top of the Filter page.


Coming soon: The new version of filters is coming to all TaxDome lists. All previously saved filter templates will migrate to filter presets.

Sharing filter selections

If you think your saved filter selections might be helpful to your teammates, go ahead and share the filter template by toggling on Public when saving it.

Keep in mind:

  • Public filter templates can be created and deleted by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee with access rights to manage filter templates.
  • You cannot edit a saved filter template; you’ll need to create a new one instead. When the template is applied, click the Save as template link again, enter a name for a new template, then change the Public setting as you like.

Applying Filter Templates

Once you’ve created a filter template, access it by clicking the Filter templates link at the top of the Filter page. The filters templates marked Public are the ones you’ve shared with your teammates; the others are your private ones.

Deleting filter templates

When you don’t need a filter template anymore, go ahead and delete it. Click the Filter templates link at the top of the Filter page, find the template you no longer need, then click on the trash can icon to its right. Confirm by clicking Delete.

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