Signatures (Advanced): Define Signing Priority

When applying signature templates, Signer priority quickens getting your documents ready for signature—especially ones for married couples. By default, the order of the linked contacts in the Account Details section dictates the signing order. But you can change it.

We recommend setting up  Signer priority—and using Signer 1 for the taxpayer and Signer 2 for the spouse to reduce clicks. You can make changes by navigating to the account’s Info tab.

The contacts with login access are the signers. Click Signer priority to see how they are ordered, then use the move icon to change the signer sequence if needed. Click Submit to save any changes. Now the signature order will match what you’ve preset.


Note: Regardless of the Signer priority settings, you can manually change the signers’ order on each document if needed. Manual prioritization is also the only option for requesting QES/AdES signatures.

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