Our Contracts feature allows you to send out contracts, such as engagement letters and proposals, to the clients for signature. You won’t need to mark up the document with e-signatures fields; a signature request and an agreement to terms are automatically added to the contract template. When you send out a contract, all contacts in the account are prompted to e-sign from their client portal, and once they have, you are alerted with a notification in your email and Inbox+.

In the workscustom CRM fields in our Contracts templates.  

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Sending Contracts

Depending on the situation, you can... 

Send Contract to Accounts Manually

To send a contract to your accounts manually, follow these steps: 

1. Either click the  + NEW button in the left sidebar menu, select Contract, then select account(s) OR go to Clients from the left sidebar menu, select the checkboxes next to the client account(s) you want to send the contract to, click More actions in the menu bar at the top, then select Send Contract from the pull-down. As long as a contract has to be signed by the client from their portal, you can't send contracts to accounts who don't have portal access (the LOGIN toggle) turned on. See details in the article.

2. Enter a name for the contract, enable the Reminders option (optional, see below), then click the Contract Template list to select a template. You can edit the template or type your own text.

  • WYSIWYG: This option lets you use different formatting with your text as well as add links.
  • HTML: This option lets you insert custom HTML codes for images, links, tables, and so on.

3. Click SEND to send the contract to the selected accounts. A signature field will automatically be added to the contract.

The clients will then receive an automatic email notifying them that a contract has been sent to be reviewed and signed by them.

Sending Contracts Through Automations

You can send contracts by using automations when a job moves to a new stage in a pipeline. To send an automated contract to a client, you’ll first need to create a template. For more details, see Custom Contract Templates. Once you have a contract template, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings from the left sidebar menu, select Pipelines, then click the pipeline name or click on the CREATE PIPELINE button.

2. In the Stages section, select the stage you want to link the automation to, click + Add automation on the right, then select Create Contract from the pull-down menu. 

3. Select the template for your automation, then decide if you want to turn on a reminder (an additional email is sent to the client if they don’t return the signed contract within a certain time frame). Read more on how the reminders work here.

4. Click the SAVE button to save your changes.

Once a job is moved to a stage with a Create Contract automation, a pop-up will appear showing the automations that will be triggered. If you don’t want the automatic contract to be created, deselect the automation, then click MOVE

Reminding Clients About Pending (Unsigned) Contracts

Clients get an email notification when you send them a contract. When you enable the Reminders option while sending the contract, an additional email is sent to each contact if they don’t return the signed contract within a certain time frame. Once you enable the Reminders option, you can configure it:

  • Inactivity Threshold, Days: By default, a reminder is set to go out three days after the contract was sent to the client, but you can change it to a number you prefer.
  • Limit to: By default, the client gets only one reminder email, but you can change it to a number you prefer.

Reminders stop when...

  • ...the client has not signed the contract and the set number of reminders has been reached.
  • ...the client has signed the contract.

Which Contact(s) Have to Sign the Contract? How Does it Work With Multiple Signatories?

For a contract to be signed, all contacts with ' Signs Contracts' toggled on have to sign. 

  • By default, all contacts with login access are set to 'Signs Contracts'
    • Note the subtext under the user's login email "Signs Contracts"
    • This setting can be toggled on/off via the 3 dots on the right. 

To remove a contact from being a required signer, click the three-dots icon next to the contact and select Disable Signing Contracts.

Please note the following regarding the  Disable Signing Contracts setting:

  • ❌ If all linked contacts have Does not sign Contracts setting, you will not be able to send contracts to this account.
  • Once a contract is sent, you cannot add more signers to it. To make changes, delete the contract and resend once you have set the desired settings for each contact. 
  • If one contact has already signed and the other unsigned contacts are removed, the contract will be signed automatically. You will receive an Inbox+ notification.
  • Contracts that have already been sent out prior to the release of the multiple signatories feature and not yet signed are unaffected. They require only one signer which could be any of the account’s contacts.

What Your Client See When You Send a Contract

Each user with a  Signs contract setting receives a notification on the new contract you’ve sent them. They can review and e-sign a contract either by clicking the link in the email notification, by clicking the notification on their dashboard, or by going to the Contracts section of their portal. 

You can access a read-only view of a client portal to experience TaxDome from the client’s side.

Linking Contracts to Jobs

Linking contracts to jobs helps make them immediately available when needed during your work process. Besides, you can use this feature if you want your jobs to be moved through the pipeline automatically

Contracts can be linked to jobs either manually or by adding automations. While adding contracts to a pipeline using automations involves a change in the pipeline template, manual linking allows you to track all contracts within a pipeline without modifying the template. 

Contracts can be linked by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage contracts.

1. In the chosen stage of the pipeline, click on the job box, click + Link at the top, then select Contracts.

2. Choose the contract(s). You can link any contracts that were previously sent to the client. A job can have as many linked contracts as needed.

Once contracts are linked, you’ll see them in the Contracts section of the job box. Click the cross icon to unlink unnecessary contracts.

Viewing/Deleting Your Client Contracts

To manage all contracts for a client, go to Clients, click on the client account, and then go to the Contracts tab. If there are no contracts here, you have not sent any out yet.

Once a client has received a contract, the following information is available:

  • NAME: The name of the contract. Click on it to see the contract.
  • SIGNED: The first figure shows the number of contacts who have signed the contract; the second, the total number of contacts for a contract to be considered signed.
  • DATE: The date and time the contract was created or last updated by the account. All changes made by the account are saved in real-time.
  • STATUSIf all contacts that are required to sign haven’t signed a contract, its status is PENDING. If all of them have signed the contract, its status is FINISHED.

You might find it helpful to sort your contract list to find what you’re looking for more easily. Sort by date, status, or name. Click on the up-down arrow next to the header of the column you want to sort.

You can delete a contract if you don’t need it anymore or have sent the client an updated version: Click the trash can  icon to the far right of the contract’s name, then click the DELETE button. This won’t do anything to the contract template that was used for the contract.

Printing Contracts

To print a contract, whether pending or signed, click on the name of the contract to open it, then click the Print button at the top right of the page.

How Do I Know Clients Have Signed a Contract?

Once a user has signed a contract, you’ll receive a notification in your email and Inbox+. Click on the name of the document or the Go to... link to review the signature status.

If the account has  Signs contract setting for multiple contacts, you will see which users have or haven’t signed the document. 

Note: You can change notification preferences anytime.

Viewing Which Client Accounts Have Pending Contracts

Filter your client account list to see which have pending contracts:

1. Go to Clients, then click the FILTER button.

2. Select Pending in the Contracts section, then click the APPLY button.

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