Contracts (Basic): View, Delete, Save as PDF, Print and More


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TaxDome gives you lots of tools to manage and keep track of your clients’ contracts. Find out how to view, delete, edit and print them:

Viewing Contracts

To manage all the contracts inside an account, go to Clients, click on the name of the account, then go to the Contracts tab. The green circle to the right of Contracts shows how many are pending. If there are no contracts here, it means you have not yet sent any to the client.

Once a client has received a contract, the following information is available in your contract list:

  • NAME: Click on it to see the contract.
  • SIGNED: The first figure shows the number of contacts linked to the account who have signed the contract; the second, the total number of signatories required.
  • DATE: This shows the date and time the contract was created or last updated by an account user. All changes are saved in real time.
  • STATUS: If all users haven’t signed, the status of the contract remains PENDING. If all have signed, the status is SIGNED. Click the name of the finished contract to see the signatures and the date and time stamp.

Sorting a contract list helps you more easily find specific ones. You can sort by date, status or name. Click on the up-down arrow next to the header name of the column you want to sort.

Editing Contracts

You might have to make changes to a contract if a client, for example, disagrees with its terms or you need to add a service. You can edit a contract as many times as required—but only up until someone signs it.

Once you have saved the edited contract, the client receives a notification. The contract’s audit trail shows who has made changes.

To edit a contract, click the three dots, select Edit, then make your changes:

  • Edit the contract’s name.
  • Change the template the contract is based on.
  • Change the contract terms.
  • Modify the reminders settings.
  • Add, edit or delete services. To find out more about adding services to contracts, go here.

Note: You cannot change the account the contract is for once you have sent it to the client.

Printing Contracts

Print any contract, whether pending or signed. There are two ways to get to Print

  •  In the your contract list, click the three dots to the right of the contract’s name, then select Print.

  • Inside the contract, click Print at the top right of the page.

Downloading Contracts as PDF 

In case you need to show your contracts somewhere (e.g. to prove that the contract was signed under certain terms), you can use the Download feature. This will save your contract as PDF.

You can download any contract. Click on the three dots to the right of the name of the contract and select Download. An audit trail will be attached automatically.

Deleting Contracts

To delete a contract, click the three dots to the far right of the contract’s name, select Delete, then confirm (this does not affect the original template).

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