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The @mentions feature allows you to tag another team member in chat threads, tasks, account notes, etc., and send them a notification. @mentions are great when you want to collaborate with your colleague on a problem, ask them a specific question, or discuss something with them without having to assign tasks to them.

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Where to Use @mentions

You can now ping team members in:

  • Account notes
  • Task descriptions
  • Messages

How to Use @mentions

  • You can add a @mention anywhere in the note, chat thread, or task description, just where you need to draw your colleague's attention.
  • You can @mention multiple team members inside one text field.

To tag someone, type the @ symbol in a text field and you will see an inline dropdown with a list of all team members. The list of names will filter as you type more letters. Click to select a team member or use the arrow keys to navigate with the keyboard.

Notifications on @mentions

By default, you receive notifications in your Inbox+ and email when you're mentioned.

You can see all alerts on mentions from your team members by selecting the Mentions filter inside the Inbox+ section.

You may elect to receive notifications in your Notification Preferences in the Settings section. To learn more about changing your notifications preferences, go here.

If an employee does not have account access, they will receive a notification and will be able to request access for the account (see details in the article).

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