Chats (Advanced): Group Chat Threads

Clients and team members who have access to an account can participate in a group chat thread. Read more for the details.

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Group Chats

If several team members have access to one account, they can communicate with all active users of that account in the same chat thread. Each person involved in the thread will receive a notification when there’s a new message. And you can always grab someone’s attention in the chat by mentioning them using the @ symbol. 

Sending Messages on Behalf of Other Team Members

When a thread is automatically started via pipeline automation, the name of the person who created the chat template shows up in the From field. This is the name the recipient will see. However, you can change the name by clicking in the From field and selecting another, whether yours, the firm owner’s or another team member’s. 

Mentioning Team Members in Chats

Need the expertise of another team member on something you are working on for a client in a chat thread? Mention them in the chat by using the @ symbol. They will receive an email and an  Inbox+ notification as long as those are selected in their notification preferences and be able to join the chat. 

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