CRM (Basic): Link Contacts to Accounts

You can't have a client account in the system without at least one contact linked to it. A client won’t have portal access unless there is a contact with their email address that is linked to their account.

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How to link contacts while creating new accounts

When you create a new account manually, you are always prompted to either link an existing contact to it or add a new one.  

To link an existing contact, click the appropriate link, then start typing the name of the contact. Add as many contacts as needed, then click Add


Tip! All accounts with shared contacts are listed in the Related accounts section on the account's Info page. (More on related accounts.)

How to link contacts from a client account profile

Link a contact to an account either while creating a new account or anytime afterwards.

  1. Navigate to the Info tab of the client profile.
  2. Click on + Add contacts in the top right corner of the Contacts section, then start typing the name of the contact. Add as many contacts as needed.
  3. Click Link. All contacts along with their emails will now be displayed in the Contacts section of the account’s profile. Once an account is linked to a contact, you can invite that person to use their TaxDome portal by turning on the LOGIN toggle to the right of their email address.

To see what accounts are linked to a specific contact, open the contact’s info page.

To unlink a contact from an account, click the cross icon to the right of the contact’s name and select Unlink.


Note! Once a contact (whose email address had the login toggle enabled) is unlinked, that person won’t be able to log into the account.

How to link additional contacts while importing

Link contacts to accounts while importing to save time.
Names in the spreadsheet column mapped to Account Name property need to be identical to the names of previously created accounts. When they are the same, all new contacts will link to existing accounts, and no duplicates will be created.

How to link accounts to contacts

Link accounts to contacts either while creating a new contact via +NEW button or anytime afterwards.

When you’re creating a contact or viewing an existing one, click the Link Accounts at the bottom of the page, then select one or more existing accounts. The accounts are then linked to the contact.

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