CRM Contact List (Basic): Edit, Export, Search, Delete

Contacts are the individuals with whom you interact with using TaxDome. The contacts feature allows you to not only store the details of your clients and their family members but also those of your coworkers, prospective clients and business partners. Here we show you how to maximize your use of Contacts:

Your contact list

A firm’s entire contact list is available to both the firm owner, admin or any employee with access rights to view all contacts. Otherwise, team members can view only the contacts linked to their assigned accounts.

To see your contacts on TaxDome, go to Clients > Contacts from the left menu bar. Here you can view the names, email addresses, phone numbers, company names, and assigned tags for all of your contacts.

You can sort a contact list by name, phone number or company: Click the up-down arrow to the right of the header of the column you want to sort.

Editing contacts

To make changes to a contact’s details, go to Clients > Contacts from the left menu bar, then click on the name of the contact in the list. Edit a contact’s details in the slide-out window and click Save

You can also access the contact's info by opening the Info tab in the client account profile, then clicking on the contact’s link in the Contacts section.

Printing a contact list

To print a contact list, click the print icon on the top right.

By default, the contact list displays 25 items per page. If you want to print more, select the number of rows in the Rows per page menu on the bottom left.

Your browser will prompt you to print the list, which will include the current date and time.

Searching for contacts

To search for a specific contact using a keyword or a custom field value:

  • In the top right of the Contacts section, click on the search button. In the slide-out, enter the keyword into the search field, then press enter on your keyboard. The contact list is then narrowed down according to your search. Click the x in the search field to clear it.
  • Use the global search on any page: Click the search icon on the top left, type in the search field, then navigate to the Contacts tab. Click any contact name to open and edit the contact's details.


Note! You can't search for custom fields of the following type: User, Date. Read more about custom field types.

Filtering your contact list

Filters help you find specific contacts within your contact list based on certain criteria. For example, you can find all contacts with specified tags or those created on a particular date. Read more in our article on filters.

To filter your contact list, click the + Filter drop-down at the top left of your Contacts page and select the filter:

  • Tags shows only contacts with specific tags. Select is/is not to see/hide contacts with certain tag.
  • Imported at lets you select the date and time the contacts were imported. You can select one of the suggested parameters or set a custom date.
  • Date created shows contacts that were created TodayLast weekLast monthLast quarterLast year or on any custom date.
  • Date updated shows contacts where information was updated TodayLast weekLast monthLast quarterLast year or on any custom date.

Setting contact name formatting

By default, you have the  [Last name] [First name] contacts name format, e.g. John Doe. If you want to change how contact names are displayed, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Firm Settings from the left menu bar.

2. In the Contact name formatting section, select the default name format from the dropdown:

Name format Example
[Last name], [First name] Doe, John
[First name] [Last name] John Doe
[Last name] [First name] Doe John
[First name] [Middle name] [Last name] John Fitzgerald Doe

3. Select the Apply for all contacts checkbox if you want to generate the selected format for all your contacts right away. Or, leave it clear to have your current contacts as is for now.

4. Click Save. If you selected the Apply for all contacts checkbox, you will also need to click Confirm in the Update contact name formatting for all contacts? confirmation pop-up.

Once done, the new name format will be applied every time you add new contacts using the New button, while creating accounts or applying name format in bulk.

If you applied the new default name format, but your contact's first name, last name or middle name (if required) was not filled in, contact name formatting will fail for such contact. You will get a notification in the Inbox+:

Applying contact name formatting in bulk

You can apply the name format, you set as the default, to your contacts in bulk. To do so, select one or more contacts in your contacts list, then click the Update contact name format link at the top and confirm it in the Bulk apply contact name formatting pop-up.

Deleting contacts

To remove contacts, check the box next to the ones you want to delete, click the trash can icon in the menu bar, then click Confirm. To select all contacts, click the topmost checkbox.

To remove a contact, you can also click on the trash can icon to the right of the contact’s name, then confirm by clicking Delete.

Adding contacts

Go here.

Merging duplicate contacts

Go here.

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