Custom CRM Fields

Although TaxDome provides predesigned customer-relationship management (CRM) fields, you may want to create some of your own for your accounts and contacts. You can add custom fields to your accounts to list the address or type of an organization—or to your contacts to keep personal notes about a client (a Birthday or Best Time to Call field). The info entered in custom fields will be visible only to you and your team. 

A custom CRM field can be created by a firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage custom fields. Once created, 

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Custom Account CRM Fields

You can add as many custom CRM fields to your accounts as you need to and then fill them in. You’ll always be able to see the filled-in fields in the Info tab of the client’s profile. The ones that haven’t been filled in won't appear. Click the pencil Edit link to enter info in those other fields if needed.

To add a custom CRM field to your accounts:

1. Go to Settings, select Custom Fields, click on the + Add field link, and then click on Text.

3. Enter a name for the field (e.g., Birthday, EIN, SSN, Best Time to Call, etc.)

4. Click SAVE.

Once added, a custom field can be filled out in the Create client account window or in the Info section of the client’s profile (click Edit to see all available fields).

Custom Contact CRM Fields

Custom contact CRM fields allow you to enter more details about your contacts, such as job titles or birthdays. And, unlike custom CRM account fields, they’re for two types of data—either text or email. An email address is primarily used to give the person it belongs to client-portal access to an account. You can add multiple email custom fields to a client’s contacts (e.g., for family members or business partners), then link those emails to the appropriate account and turn on portal access.

A contact’s email address list will always appear in the Info tab of a client profile. Here, you can manage who has access to the account, who receives emails sent from TaxDome, and which email addresses are included in your synced email history.  

Email addresses entered in custom fields are included in contact searches or when you link a contact to a new account.

To add custom CRM fields to your contacts:

1. Go to Settings, select Custom Fields, then Contacts, and then click on the + Add field link.

2. Select the field type: Text or Email

3. Enter a name for the field (e.g., Birthday, EIN, SSN, Best Time to Call, etc.)

4. Click SAVE.

Once created, a custom field is added to all of your contacts. 

Editing/Deleting Custom CRM Fields

You can always edit the custom CRM fields you’ve created. Go to Settings, select Custom Fields, then Contacts or Accounts.

  • To rename: Click inside the field of the one you’d like to edit, make your changes, then click SAVE.

  • To change the order: Point to the move icon to the right of the one you want to place elsewhere, drag-and-drop it, then click SAVE.

  • To delete: Click on the trash can icon to the right of the one you want to remove, then click SAVE. Once a field has been deleted, it will no longer be visible in your contacts.

Searching Custom Fields Content

You can search for a specific contact or account using a keyword from any custom field:

  • Type in the search field at the top of the Contacts or Accounts section. The contacts/account list will be narrowed accordingly once you press enter on your keyboard. Click on the cross icon in the search field to clear it.
  • Click the search button on the left sidebar on any page, type in the search field, then review the results on the Accounts and Contacts tabs.

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