Adding Client Accounts

Add your clients to TaxDome, either one by one or several at a time. Or they can register on their own by going to their TaxDome portal.

What do you need to know to get started? The main concept to keep in mind is that there are Accounts and Contacts on TaxDome; these two are not the same. Accounts are your main clients, whether a business or an individual. Contacts are all of the people you interact with. Еach client account on TaxDome has a corresponding contact or even several. And now that you know that, let’s get started!

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Creating Client Accounts

A firm owner or any team member who has been given access rights to manage accounts can create a new client account.

To create a new account on TaxDome, follow these steps:

1. Click the  + NEW button in your left sidebar, then select Account from the slide-out menu.

2. Fill in the Account Name field, usually the client’s first and last names or the company’s name (if you’re creating an account for a firm).  This is what will be shown in your Accounts list.

3. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button. And that’s it!

Note: Don’t use special characters that are forbidden in Windows directory names as Account Names (< (less than), > (greater than), : (colon), " (double quote), / (forward slash), \ (backslash),  | (vertical bar or pipe), ? (question mark), * (asterisk)). Otherwise, you will not be able to access your files via the TaxDOme Drive.

Plus, you can also...

  • ...assign tags to categorize your accounts. To learn more about tags, go to Using Account and Task Tags.
  • ...give one or more team members access to an account’s details by selecting them from the Team members pull-down list. These people will receive notifications. If team members are not selected, access to the account’s detail will be given to its default assignees, whether one or more. 
  • ..apply a folder template that contains custom folders and subfolders. By default, the Default Tax Years template is applied. You can also leave this field empty. If you do, you’lll need to create a custom folder structure manually. To find out more about this, go to Folder Templates
  • ...fill in the custom fields. To learn how to add your own CRM fields, see Custom CRM Fields.
  • the contact(s) the account will be linked to (see below).

    Linking Contacts While Adding Accounts 

    Though this is optional, we recommend that you do this. A client won’t be able to access their portal unless they have a contact that contains at least one email linked to their account. Besides, linked contacts ensure that you have all of the client’s personal info at hand, such as email, phone number, and street address. 

    • You can link an account to several contacts (e.g., a spouse, child, or business partner, for example) by clicking on the Link contacts button, selecting the appropriate contact,then clicking on Add
    • You can control access to the account for each user by using the toggles:
      • LOGIN. The user will be able access the TaxDome client portal so that they can get to their account. If you would like your client to receive an email invitation to use their TaxDome client portal, turn on the toggle below the Send Invitation section. To add a custom message to the invite, type in the Personalized message field. You can turn on the portal access but choose not to send invitations right now. In the interim, you can work on the account, uploading documents, adding pipelines, creating tasks, and so on. You will be able to do this at any point from the Pending Activation subtab in the Accounts tab.
      • NOTIFY. The person email belongs to will receive all system notifications (e.g., about new messages, bills, organizers, etc.), all emails sent to the account from TaxDome, all bulk emails sent to the account from TaxDome, all emails sent to the account via pipeline automation.
      • EMAIL SYNC. You’ll see all the emails received from that email address in the Inbox+ section and in the Email tab of that client account. You will be able to reply to this emails right from TaxDome. All history between your synced emails and the email will automatically populate on TaxDome.

Adding Portal Access to Accounts

If you haven't added portal access to the account when they were created, you can do it later at any time:

1. Navigate to the Info tab of the client’s profile (available once you’ve created the account).

2. If you’ve already linked the account to one or more contacts, you’ll see the corresponding email addresses for those contacts in the Contacts section. Turn on the LOGIN toggle next to the email address of the person you want to give portal access to.

3. To add a custom message to your invite, type in the Personalized message field in the pop-up, then click SEND.

Note: If one contact is linked to several accounts, you will need to give them portal access to each of those accounts. They will then be able to switch between accounts once they log in.

Once a client receives an email invitation to their TaxDome portal, they will need to activate the account. The client must click on the link in the email, then create a password. You can see which clients have not yet activated their accounts and invite them again by navigating to Clients, then selecting the Pending Activation subtab in the Accounts tab. 

How to Toggle Off Your Portal Sign-Up Link

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How Do I Know When New Clients Have Registered on TaxDome?

Once a client has set up a TaxDome account, you’ll receive a notification in your Inbox+ and via e-mail. Click on the Go to... link to review the new client’s profile.

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