Using Client Tags

By Dionell Cruz

updated 10 days ago

You can use tags to help easily filter through your clients. Tags usually contain one to three words and are color coded for quick recognition.

Here's what is covered in this article:

Creating tags

Tags can be created only by the firm owner. 

To create a tag: 

  1. Go to Settings > Tags OR

Go to Clients, open the client, go Info  > Tags subtab, then click Add Tag

2. Enter the tag name, select a color, then click Create tag.

Assigning tags

All users with access to the client (owner, employee) can assign tags to that respective client.

  1. Go to Clients, open the client, and go to the  Info  > Tags subtab. You will see all available tags in the Assign Tags list.

2. Turn on the toggle next to the tag that you want to assign to the client. Each client can have any number of tags.

Filtering with tags

Tags are useful when you need to see the clients that meet specific criteria. For example, you can quickly find the clients that need Form 1040 or Form 5471 to be prepared. 

To filter your client list by tags:

  1. Go to the Clients tab.

2. Click the Filter button, then select one or more tags. 

3. Click Apply filter.

The client list will be narrowed in accordance with the specified parameters. Note that if you select two tags, only the clients that have two tags assigned to them are displayed. 

Deleting tags

Tags can be deleted only by the firm owner. 

  1. Go to Settings > Tags
  2. Click the cross icon next to the tag name. 

If there are no clients with the tag assigned it is immediately deleted.
If there are clients with tag assigned the notification is displayed. Click Delete to remove the tag anyway. 

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