Workflow (Advanced): Tags in pipelines

Here, you will learn how to see account tags in your pipelines and how to assign or remove a tag right from a job card.

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Viewing tags in pipelines

When you rely on tags for building your processes, it can be helpful to see right in the pipeline which tags are applied to client accounts. This could be turned on or off for each pipeline. To view tags, open pipeline settings, and toggle the Account tags on.

You will then see all the tags applied to clients directly on the job cards in the Kanban view.

Applying and removing tags in jobs

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the job card to expand it.
  2. Click on the Account tags field and either apply tags to the account by selecting them from the drop-down or click x to the right of the applied tag name to remove it.

Using tags in pipelines

With tags, you can easily set up conditional stages and automations for the pipeline. Check and change tags accordingly without leaving the pipeline to make jobs enter the right stage or to trigger a specific automation. Here's more on tag-based conditions in the pipelines.

Also, viewing tags in pipelines makes it easier to use the Update account tags automation, which applies and removes tags automatically. Here's more info on the Update account tags automation.

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