Tags (Basic): Apply & ways to use

A tag is a label that can be used for finding or grouping together your client accounts, contacts, time entries and tasks. Here, you'll learn about the ways you can apply tags throughout the system, either manually or via pipeline automations.

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Ways to apply tags to accounts

While using tags is not limited to accounts in TaxDome, this is where you can get the most out of them. Tags can allow you and your team to categorize your clients based on location or a service you provide to them. Tags can even allow you to quickly determine if you need to file an extension for them without searching through each client record. 

Below, read about different ways of applying tags to accounts:

You can see all tags applied under the Info tab of each client account or in the Accounts list. If a client account has been given several tags, only the first tag on the list is visible. Hover your mouse over the bubble showing the number of tags to see the other tags assigned to this account.

Applying tags to accounts in bulk

When you need to apply tags to multiple client accounts, bulk-tag them rather than applying one tag at a time to get the job done faster:

1. Go to Clients > Accounts from the left menu bar, then select the checkboxes next to the client accounts you want to tag. To select all clients, click the uppermost checkbox.

2. Click on the Manage Tags button.

3. You’ll see a list with all your tags. For each tag, select one of these options:

  • Do nothing: The tag won’t be assigned to the account. If an account already has a tag, it will remain there.
  • Assign to all: The tag will be assigned to all selected accounts.
  • Remove from all: If any of the selected accounts have a particular tag, it will be removed.

4. Click Assign Tags.

Applying tags to accounts and contacts during import

Importing client accounts gives you two options for tags:

Include tags in your spreadsheet

This method is a huge time-saver as you don't need to spend time beforehand creating tags in TaxDome. Also, you can apply different tags to different accounts. 

1. While preparing a CSV file for importing, add columns with the necessary tags for clients and contacts (if any). If you want several tags to be applied to one account separate names by comma. 

Tags that you don't yet have will be created automatically during import.

2. Start the import process. On the second step of importing (map accounts), select Map to property in the Action dropdown and Tags in the Account field for your account tags. 

That's it! When import is completed, you will have your tags created and applied to accounts.

Apply existing tags during import

If you don't want to add tags to your spreadsheet, you still can apply tags while you import. To do so:

Start the import process. On the third step of importing (settings), select the tags you want to apply to the accounts you are moving to TaxDome.


Note! The tags you select will be applied to all imported accounts, so if you want to use different tags for different accounts, you’ll have to prepare separate spreadsheets for each set of tags.

Applying tags inside client accounts

You can also apply tags to an account while creating the account or at a later point. To assign one or more tags to an account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Clients > Accounts from the left menu bar, open the client account profile, select Info in the menu bar, then click on the Edit button. You’ll see all tags applied to the account under the Tags.
  2. Click on Tags to open the drop-down with available tags. Pick as many as needed, click on the Continue button and then click Save.

Tags in contacts

You can apply tags to contacts while adding or editing them.

Tags in time entries

Tags may also help you organize time entries. Tags can be added when you are creating or editing time entries.

To see all tags assigned to your time entries, go to Billing > Time entries from the left menu bar.

Tags in tasks

Tags can be added while creating or editing a task and are ultimately useful in sorting tasks.

You’ll be able to view all assigned tags in your list of  Tasks. If a task has more than one tag, only the first tag is visible. Hover your mouse over the bubble showing the number of tags to see the other tags.

How do I know where specific tags are used

For a clear overview of where tags are used, go to Templates > Tags from the left menu bar.

Description of the available columns:

  • Accounts. Shows the number of accounts with a particular tag.
  • Archived accounts. Displays the number of archived accounts with a particular tag.
  • Pending tasks. Indicates the number of pending tasks with a particular tag.
  • Completed tasks. Shows the number of completed tasks with a particular tag.
  • Pipelines. Displays the number of pipelines that have conditions with a particular tag.

To view entities with a specific tag, click on the light-blue number in any column.

Customizing a list of tags

You have the flexibility to adjust table columns as per your preference. Сlick the gear icon located in the top right corner of the table:

  1. Drag and drop column names to rearrange their order.
  2. Check or uncheck the box next to the column name to toggle its display.
  3. Click Apply to save your changes.

Ways to filter with tags

Tags come in handy when you need to look for specific kinds of clients, contacts or tasks. For example, you quickly want to find all clients who need a Form 1040 or Form 5471 prepared. There are three ways to filter:

Filtering your account list by selecting a tag

To filter by choosing a tag:

1. Go to Clients > Accounts from the left menu bar.

2. Click on any tag.

You’ll then see all client accounts and contacts with that tag.

Filtering your account list by selecting or excluding tags

If you want to filter your account list by choosing or excluding tags, click on the Filter button, select Is or Is not, then choose the tags. Here’s how it works:

  • Is shows a list of accounts with the tags you selected (e.g., all tax clients)
  • Is not show a list of accounts without the tags you selected (e.g., all clients that are not your bookkeeping clients)

Here's an overview for using filters.

Filtering your task list, time entries or contacts by selecting several tags

If you want to filter your task list, time entries or contacts by choosing tags, follow these steps:

1. Click the  + Filter dropdown at the top left of your Tasks, Time entries or Contacts page and select Tags and one of the parameters:

  • Selecting is will display entities that contain tags selected in the filter
  • Selecting is not will display all entities that don't contain tags selected in the filter

2. Select the desired tags and click Apply.

The list will then be narrowed to tasks, time entries or contacts with the tags you’ve selected.

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