Tags (Basic): Create, edit & delete

Color-coded for quick recognition and 2-3 words long, tags help you filter your client accounts, contacts, time entries and tasks. They differentiate an item from others and make it easy to locate similar ones with the same tag. In this guide, we'll break down the essential tasks of creating, editing, and deleting tags in TaxDome.

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Creating tags

Here’s how to make a tag:

1. Go to Templates > Tags from the left menu bar, then click on the New tag button.

2. Select the color for the tag from the drop-down menu, enter the name for the tag, then click on the Save button.

You can also create tags throughtout the system where you are applying them.

  • When applying tags to the account in the client profile,  click the Create tag link.
  • When creating or importing accounts, type in the name of the tag you need in the Tags field. If no tags are available, you will see the Create tag link. Click on that.
  • When setting up the conditions or automations inside the pipelines, click the Add new tag link.

Editing tags

Edit tags whenever you want. Here's how:

1. Go to Templates > Tags from the left menu bar, click on three dots to the far right of the tag, then select Edit.

2. Change either the name or the color of a tag, or both. 

Deleting tags

If you need to delete some tags, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Templates > Tags from the left menu bar.
  2. Click on three dots to the far right of the tag, click Delete, then confirm.

Who can do this?

A firm owner and admin can create, edit and delete tags. If you’d like an employee to do it as well, you’ll need to give them the access rights:

1. Go to  Settings > Team & Plans from the left menu bar, open the Team members tab, then click on the team member’s name in the list.

2. Click the pencil icon in the  Edit Access Rights section and toggle on Manage tags toggle.

3. Click Save. Now the team member will be able to make changes to tags.

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