SMS (Basic): Adding phone numbers for clients

To send SMS via TaxDome, it is crucial to have the correct phone numbers in contact details. Learn what numbers are supported, how to add numbers to existing contacts and how to create new contacts from the SMS received from unknown phone numbers.

Contacts can be added and edited by a firm owner, admin or any employee who has been given access rights to manage contacts.

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Adding phone numbers to contacts and setting the primary number

All phone numbers are stored in the contact details. Each contact can contain any number of phone numbers. To add a phone number, open the contact, scroll to the Phone numbers section and click Add phone number. This could also be done in batch while importing a client list

Each contact can have only one phone number marked as Primary. When sending an SMS, the primary phone number will be selected by default. To set the primary number, select the radio button to the left of it.

Adding a contact from a received SMS

When you receive an SMS from a non-contact, you'll receive a notification in your Inbox+ that includes the sender's phone number and the text of the SMS. You can create a new contact for this number directly from the sidebar by clicking Create contact. Learn more about creating contacts.

Valid numbers for sending SMS

To ensure that all SMS messages will be received by your clients, please make sure that the added phone numbers are correct and valid.

The SMS will not be sent if...:

  • ...the client's phone number is empty.
  • ...the client's phone number has the country code different from US and Canada.
  • ...the client's phone number is added in the wrong format (e.g., +1 562-691-74 instead of +1 562-691-7444).

The system will notify you on missing or incorrect numbers.

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