CRM (Advanced): Import Contacts From Your Email Application

There are two ways to import contacts to TaxDome:

  • Import a CSV file (see our Import article): This option is preferred because you can add contacts along with accounts, and it will be linked automatically. 
  • Import a vCard file (below): This option allows you to import contacts from email applications only, but you won’t be able to customize.

To import your contacts from an email account to TaxDome, you first need to export your contact list to your desktop as a vCard file. Once you complete this step, you’re ready to import. If you have custom fields in your contacts, they are replicated on TaxDome.

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Step 1. Exporting a Contact List From an Email Application

Contact-exporting options are available from all email applications. Below, we offer instructions for Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to our support team! We’re here to help. 

Exporting a Contact List From Apple Mail

In the Contacts application on your Mac, go to File, Export, then select Export vCard. You can also choose Edit, and then Select All to select all cards for export. The contacts are then exported as a vCard file (.vcf) to your desktop. 

Exporting a Contact List From Gmail

Go to Gmail, click on the Google apps icon in the upper right-hand corner, then click Contacts. In Google Contacts, click Export in the left sidebar menu, select vCard in the pop-up, then click Export. The contacts are then exported as a vCard file (.vcf) onto your desktop.

Exporting a Contact List From Outlook

Outlook doesn’t support the vCard format, which is what you need to import your contacts to TaxDome. 

However, follow this workaround to get your Outlook contact list into the right format: 

1. Export your contacts to a .csv. file: Go to File, then to Open & Export and select Import/Export. Choose the Export to a file option from the list, select Comma Separated Values, then follow the wizard to download a .csv file to your desktop.

2. Open your .csv file in Excel to make sure that contacts have standard field names, such as Name and Email Address. Rename them if needed.

3. Import your .csv file to Gmail: Go to Gmail, click on the Google apps icon in the upper right-hand corner, then click Contacts. Once you are in your Google Contacts, click Import in the left sidebar menu, locate the .csv file on your desktop, then click Import. The contacts will then be imported to Gmail with a data label.

4.  Export your contacts from Gmail to a .vcf file: Click Export in the left sidebar of your Google Contacts, select your recently imported contacts, choose the Export as vCard option, then click Export. You will now have a vCard file (.vcf) of your Outlook contacts on your desktop.

Step 2. Importing a Contact List to TaxDome

Once you’ve exported your contact list from your email application in vCard format (.vcf) to your desktop, you’re ready to start importing it to TaxDome. 

On TaxDome, go to the Contacts tab in the Clients section, click on the IMPORT VCARD button, locate the .vcf file on your desktop, then select it.  If you have a lot of contacts, the import process may take a while. When you’re done, you’ll get a notification with the import results. 

Contacts are skipped if TaxDome can’t interpret data in one of the fields. 

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