CRM (Advanced): Unlinked Email Addresses

With some account profiles, you may notice an Unlinked Emails section under Contacts. Here, you’ll see email addresses that are currently being used to log in to the client portal but are not linked to a contact. This happens when you give portal access to an email address and then delete it from a linked contact or an additional user is added by the client but not linked to a contact.

There are several ways to fix unlinked email addresses:

Delete the Unlinked Email Address

If a client is no longer using an email address, go ahead and delete it. Click the three dots to the far right of the email address, select Delete, then confirm.

Revoke the Portal Access

If a client no longer uses an email address, toggle off LOGIN to its right. The email address will then disappear from the list.

Link the Email Address to an Existing Contact

If the email address is still relevant, you can link it to the existing contact it belongs to:

1. Click the three dots to the far right of the email address, then select Link email with contact.

2. Start entering the contact’s name, then select the contact from the list.

3. Select the email field for the email address, then click LINK.

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