QuickBooks Integration (Advanced): Sync & Unsync Accounts


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By default, all accounts that have invoices or payments are synced with QuickBooks (or you can also choose to sync all your accounts). 

However, if for some reason you need to temporarily unsync one of your accounts or sync the one that has been not synced earlier, you can do it manually. This can be done only by a firm owner, admin, or an employee who has been given access rights to manage payments.

Go to the Info tab of the account's profile. Click the three-dots icon to the right of the error message, then select one of the following:

  • Sync Account to QuickBooks: Select from the list of available QuickBooks clients or create a new one. You can always use this option for accounts that were previously unsynced or for ones that have account-related sync issues.
  • Do not sync this account/Unsync: Turn off QuickBooks sync for the account. Once you do, you won’t receive error messages about this account. However, the invoices and payments for that client will not be synced with QuickBooks until you decide to sync it by selecting the Sync Account to QuickBooks option.

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