Creating a Bill

By Mary Cooper

updated 3 days ago

To create bill in TaxDome:

  • Click the +NEW button on the Sidebar, select Bill, then select the client from the list. You can see the five most recent clients here. If there is no client you are searching for among them, start typing their name, ID or email. You can also change the client’s name right in the bill creation window.

2. Select the date that the bill is to be issued. You may issue bill on a past date, but not to a future date.

3. Enter the amount of the bill. Select Sales tax (HST, or VAT - depending on your currency settings) to automatically add tax to the bill. Once the sales tax has been added you’ll see it reflected in the total bill amount.

Note: To speed up the bills creation, you can set the default tax rate in Settings > Payment Processing

4. By default, the person creating the bill will receive payment for that bill. However, you may also select another team member to receive payment. 

5. If a client has enough credits in our system, the bill will be automatically marked as paid. However, you can clear Settle bill with client's credits check box if needed. Note that you cannot lock documents to the bills that were already paid.

6. By default, your clients get invoice notifications by email. If you don't want to notify the client of the bill by email, clear the Send email invoice to the client check box.

7. You may also add a description (of up to 150 characters) outlining what is included in the bill.

8. You can add a reminder to your bill. Once a reminder is turned on, we will send an additional email to a client if they do not pay the bill in time. Once a reminder is turned on, you can configure it: 

  • Inactivity Threshold days - Remind client after [ ] days of inactivity. By default, reminder is sent 3 days after bill is created.
  • Limit to - Send up to desired number of reminders. By default, client gets only 1 reminder email.

9. Click Submit to create the bill.

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